Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Argument To Ponder

This is the reply of Englishman to me. Thank you Englishman for responding to me.

drizzle,glad to see that you have dropped the eubonics,it is a feature of a lazy mind.i do not blame the afghans for fighting the invaders,every race was endowed with a piece of this earth,which is precious to them,to do with as they please,and i believe that we should leave each other alone to persue thier own interests,and it is only the nwo that is pitting us against each other,oil pipelines and the copper franchise is what afghanistan is all about,i wish to enjoy my culture in my own country,amongst my own people,as does every other nation and race in the world,excepting islam alone which seeks world domination,and this we must resist.

you have your own problems,nike,boss, and the imf,i only speak of England,for England which the nwo wants to destroy by flooding it with disparate races and creeds,we the English have as much right to our own country as do the afghans to thiers,or anyone else,and as for superority it is self evident,since the west and England in particular is responsible for the worlds technological progress,without which the rest of the world would not be in a position to rail about "human rights"and all the rest of the communist clap-trap,which enriches only the elite,who care no-more for me than they do for you,in fact they plan to eradicate the majority of us both.

I stand for my people,the rest of the world must do likewise,and if that involves stirring up animosity towards the invaders of my country,then that is what must be done until my people can see what danger they are in,and stand together to oppose it.

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