Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fairy Tale


There was once a very confused man living in his fancy home surrounded by not so fancy neighbourhood of people with darker colour and smaller eyes than him. He lived his life fancily and could not help to care for all the miseries that mysteriously existed unnoticed by him. He lived his life day in and day out. On liquor to feed his liver. On porn in Piccadilly to feed his lust. And on racism to make the adrenaline rushed.

Now, take no offence because this man is not of your own. He belongs to a creed much higher than us, out of evolution came him, the crust. So being what he is, that is all he can do and must. One day the confused man lost everything in a blast. Of suicide bombers and Madoff with a punch. Got hit below the groin and moan he must, for the pain is much painful than a Willy Pete's punch.

On his feet, he raised up with much hate and fuss. Someone's got to pay. Someone always does. All the fancy companies crumbling so fast. Money must be printed if everything is lost. All the rules and ridicules he had created must be swallow as swift as the sparrow. So not many would notice he had eaten his own bellow. Dr. M is watching with all his grunt. Now we wouldn't want him to hit us, with our own fancy stunts.

The blood of the earth is flowing with the blood of the man. But who cares? How could anyone can? Might is right, can't you ever understand? And oil is still being sold at capitalist feet. But why oh why dear God Almighty? Have You blessed such wealth to Muslims not me. What did they ever do to deserve such bounty? Never cared for the cross, like I've carried the X if held up slightly. Why can't they all be like Haiti? Overcrowded with US made guns and begone with Aristides. Then came the quake and all eyes are on Haiti. Not excluding Paedophiles and merciless missionaries. That would steal and poison as many boys and girls in the plenty. Not like Prophet Muhammad that marry and treat his wives in dignity. Could Muslims stop trying to follow a way so eerily. But treat their wives like the Prophet of mercy. And stop being the bullet for Islamphobes, caught together in a ring of stupidity.

My guinea fowls are calling me. My geese have not seen any food since last night it seems. So I have to leave the Matrix now you see. And return to the real world with God Almighty. And follow a trial full of lies and error. Changing this and that, what would ever it could deliver? A barking liar could never go undercover. He would drag everyone down with him and be a liar as he is, now and forever. Now could you understand why fitnah is deadlier than killing a man? It would confused everyone that refused to try to understand. A delayed game is a void game. Only would be losers would use such a fancy trick. An old error of the ancient Israelite. They dared to prosecute the weak, never the strong and has plenty. Of wealth and followers but God Almighty. Enough now alpha let us flock together. With innocent fauna that would not lie and dishonour. Trying to proof themselves to me. Just what a stork, a bird can be.

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