Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Hello Englishman. May I say, I'm a little bit flattered by your comment, if not by your visit, but tell me man, what does drive you? Besides being so hateful of everything else and I hope not including yourself. Is it the oil? Is it the loss of feeling a sense of superiority over all the races like once was? Or is it because you know what I know?

Can you blame the Afghans for fighting a foreign element in their homeland while you have the right to be a part of the hostile element to others in your homeland? If you live strictly in England that is.

A word of advice to all my kind readers. Do comment with an open heart and mind. I'm not responsible for any act of lunacy and stupidity on your behalf. Do come at me with the vilest attack you could have ever imagine, but it won't hurt me a little bit. You see, I'm not lying when I said I have an alpha brainwave and a very special ability to ignore ridicule and unintelligent remarks. So be free to make a fool out of yourself and show to the world just how great you are and it would be my personal collections of battle scars worn by the lions on their faces as trophies of war. This is my jihad and I'm not afraid to die for it, so what would your remarks and comments could ever do to me. Yes, just like the fancy depleted uranium bombs and Willy Pete couldn't do to the mighty and brave Palestinians. Just like the A bombs that started a chain reaction to the mighty Japanese. They survived your vilest attack and I would die horribly by your mere ridicules? Get real.

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Do comment with your open heart n mind.