Monday, February 15, 2010


It can't be denied that when we mock other people, we felt a certain satisfaction and started to believe that we are different from them, in some way, more superior and far more advance and greater than those that we mock. Set aside our own black history, not so white and clean background, never asking for anyone else's forgiveness for all the horrible things that we have done in the pursuit of our self define truth with having others to suffer for our self adornment if not achievement. And of course, it's just we, the privileged ones, lavishly blessed with all the beauties and perfections on the face of this earth, endowed with divine rights to have it all, the rest are just confused, undeserving beings, having fully used by us and somehow of no longer of any interest to our uniquely own self, except for target practise or as a guinea pig to test some new fancy highly civilised terminator devices that were invented by the very smart scientists that lack of mercy.

How arrogant can someone be in living his life? Could he bring all his wealth and health, if not his happiness to comfort himself in his not so fancy tomb? Waiting to be devoured by maggots that would taste his luxurious fancy flesh in the way that the Hindus won't even imagine, that is why they preferred to be burn to ashes when all the wealth and health in the world would be meaningless in this life that is full of meaning and purpose.

Some, on seeing the dead end that they are heading, can't help it but to convince others, that their interpretations of the truth of life is the truest. Why? Well, so that they can convinced themselves, passing all reasonable doubts that they would really end up being nothing after being something for almost a hundred years of life of having everything a man could have and need, while ignoring other human being such as him, of their needs and dreams. If you asked the rich and famous, what could fulfil themselves, we may hear a variety of responses in expressing their truth. In seeing so many tragedy of the rich and famous, one would wonder, if one had not stopped thinking, is there any truth and happiness in having and doing it all, that most could only be dreaming of. Now, since man is a very complex thinking being, completely different from the apes that dwell in the planet of the apes, the interpretation of happiness itself could be very different from one person to the other.

I still remember what a wise person said to me, according to the Confucius Chinese, being a happy wealthy man means that he has all the money in the world that he needs, all the health of a healthy man to do whatever and go wherever he wants and all the time in his hands to do what he needs to do. Now, if you have all the money in the world, but lesser time to fulfil your needs and your health is deteriorating, then you are not a happy wealthy man according to him. You may disagree strongly with me, but that's just fine, since a man's trash could be another man's goldmine and we can't escape from differences. If everything is the same, starting from when we open until we shut our eyes, we would blow our own brains out, without needing a gun, since we can't help to feel happy of having the same things repeatedly until the end of our lives.

Having said that, letting the mad ones that have hideous agendas of anarchy and blasphemy to go unchecked, free as a mocking bird to mock all that is good and civilised would seem to be rather unwise, since the pen is mightier than the sword and it can cut both ways, in the fight of both, good and evil. It is those who wield it that could determine its course. Sometimes being silent in so much mockery would be as if acknowledging the mockery of the mad to be seen as true to a certain extent. If we just let things to remedy itself, we might end up at the wrong side of the road, all trampled down out of existence and those that we know to be liars and haters, would be triumphant, cheered by the ones that we left to be overwhelmed by the lies and hate that consume them. So I choose to make some noise rather than to move my head to the left and right upon seeing the confused ones having a ball in confusing others to be like them. Never to escape the ring of stupidity.

I went to a gathering to honour those who had excelled in their studies. My son received a part of his effort; hopefully it would encourage him to go bankai like Kurosaki Ichigo and like Ichigo, would be successful in facing his own demon, the hollow that exist in each one of us. That is why Bleach is taking over the globe even by being an anime. The similar conflict and emotion being presented in a very different way is a definite blow to success. But like I said, we have a hollow, a very dark monster deep inside ourselves. How we deal with our dark urges, desires and anger would determine the level of Bankai that we have. We could have tremendous rietsu by dealing with our adversaries and challenges by absorbing them thus learning and discovering the truth of our own self.

God help me to go slow and easy in dealing with people in my life and in the matrix. And hopefully I could take it easy on my own self conquest, to discover the true real me. So I will compare my truth with your truth in understanding the truth in me. Only then I can return to my Maker in peace and face the ultimate test of them all. The departing of my soul from my earthly body so that I could join the soul society and leave this earthly life in peace and at peace, feeling satisfied of what I’ve tried and done. I am something, so I do not want to end up being nothing nor be reborn again in some form that I won't even be sure of. I could be resurrected as a turtle or something according to some belief and that would surely be a bummer after being able to be srizals, the defier of liars and haters in the cyber war. This is my jihad. And I pray to God to shower me with patience and endurance in dealing with them, having a very impossible role to fulfil in the real world, well almost, as a candle in the wind, enlightening others while maintaining just the right burn, so that I won't burn out so quickly of course. Wish me luck. And of course, do pray for me as I have pray for you.

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