Monday, February 1, 2010

Lies n Salvation

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With your kind permission, your grace,

All of them shall appear before Allah. Then, the weak shall say to the arrogant, “We were your followers. So, can you relieve us a little from Allah’s punishment?” They will say, “Had Allah guided us, we would have guided you. It is all the same for us whether we deplore or endure, we have no way out.”

The Satan will say when the matter will have been decided, “Allah promised you a truthful promise while I gave you a promise and did not fulfill it. I had no authority over you, except that I invited you and you accepted my call. So, do not blame me, but blame yourselves. Neither I can come to your help, nor can you come to my help. I disown your associating me with Allah in the past. Surely, there is a painful punishment for the unjust.”

And those who believed and did good deeds shall be admitted to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, living there forever by the will of Allah. There they shall greet each other with “Salām.”

The salvation is mentioned in 14:23, and the reason for what Satan had said in the previous verse. Thank you.

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