Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haiti and Paedophiles

It seems that even in disastrous events, the manimals can't seem to at least confine themselves from the tendency of being like vultures. And like a trendy fashion that is sweeping the West right now, homosexuality paedophilic creatures are on the loose, well, one actually was apprehended and ten baptists caught red handed. And to say what if they were Muslims would be an exhaustive attempt of badmouthing the already stink, luckily only certain criteria of the West.

The inquest of paedophilic catholic priests in the USA is not going to see the end of the tunnel real time soon now. Could it be just a tip of the iceberg? Is it a sign of anything divine since in the modern world of unbelieve or lacking of beliefs, these occurrences are just mere insignificant events that has nothing to do with the tooth fairy of reality. Everything is just a norm taking its course and Muslims are crazy sadistic paedophilic followers of lunacy or an idol which is also a moon that is created to be a god. Welcome to the simplistic world of idiocy.

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