Friday, February 5, 2010

Similarities and Indifferences.

It is funny that no matter how much we feel and try to convince ourselves that we are not the same with the rest of our fellow human beings, striking similarities would surface from time to time. We cannot escape it, even though we'd tried to in most of the time and end up being a miserable failure. At times, it is very rewarding; in a sense of knowing that we were not alone. There are actually others that shared and had the same point of view, not in the exact one hundred percent similarities, of course. Disregard of race, ethnicity and even faith, or unfaith for that matter.

The urgency of sameness, or the feeling of wanted to be treated as an equal, no matter how odd the resemblances and differences that may exist, is stronger than we thought. Everyone wanted to be accepted as the same equal, lovingly human being. A heavily-laden with emotion and historical baggage, imperfect creature that with all his or her flaws and limitations, never gave up the quest of perfection.

This need of feeling and being perfect is what drives us forward to self betterment, no matter what the cost is going to be, whatever the prize maybe waiting for us. As an imperfect creature that seeks perfection, we have to compromise, set and reset realistic goals while constantly reflecting and assessing all our own weak points, intelligently manoeuvring and predicting with our source of strength. Don’t try to hard; it would only disrupt the motivation rhythm that is moving not just cells like the spermatozoon, but everything that is intertwined, willingly or unwillingly in this complex system of the man-creature. Completely not the same with the complex existence of a super car.

Bear in mind, I’m typing this piece of mind with much disruptions and distortions that exist in and around me. My jumping cursor, a sign of a security breach. My annoying but very loveable ultra toddlers that still need my attentions like babies, always in a hurry, and never could appreciate the meaning of the word and phrase, ‘afterwards’, or ‘when the time is right’. And also my wonder pets that seem to be always hungry and constantly demanding that I provide them with different menus or at least in a colourful new way to avoid monotonous boredom in their confinement that they had acknowledged and accepted as their only world. Completely oblivious of the Worldwide Web. Well, they should really appreciate what they have. Compared to the ducks and geese that are forced feed to make their livers gloat and make money for their owners to produce Foie gras. An exotic expensive delicacies that only a selected few could savour in their well deserving mouth. Never to taste the miseries of the geese and ducks that suffer chronic organ failures as a result of the feeding system that even PETA is unaware of, hopefully. And not forgetting last but not least, the bear farming unreality technique of deriving bile with mathematical precision so that the bear won't die, but only suffer a little bit, to produce a similar milking product that would scare a cow to death. And Muslims are still the sadistic animal torturers that would cut the throat of their animal victims to deliver an unpainful quick death.

I’m not a holocaust denier, all of them. Now or in the past. No matter who the culprits or the victims are or were. I wish I could be a hardcore hater of liars and haters, but I couldn't retain any such hate in my heart for more than a few minutes, even when I’m dealing with drunkards, intoxicated by both, hate and laziness. They are being lazy, for not being able to browse the Internet which has blessed us with the abundance of information and knowledge at the point of our mere fingertips. At times, almost for free, except the electric and our Internet provider bills, of course. Some got better key boards; the destruction of mankind at their fingertips. But the similarities of such power are almost in the same equation. Differing in percentages, of course. But bear in mind the majestic of creation unlike the man made marvels. No finger prints or DNA printing are identical, even of an identical twin. It’s a drawing line that separate man’s creation from a creation that exist from a much stronger, almost immeasurable and incomprehensible by man’s simple perception that is built upon unique complex neurons, fluids, cells, different matters and electricity arrangements. This simple thinking process is still being investigate by everyone, even by those who could not decide the existence of such powerful and wise Composer that arranged them, in a such harmonious existence out of chaos.

Just when Foolster41 was asking for proof of the bible being misused by a selected few in the act of cruelty and killing while undermining the 10 Commandments, Trijicon was busted. And in these small circumstances, made me a man of faith that believes in things that you judged as a fairy tale of the tooth fairy, John. Even though I don’t have such fairy in my faith or in my culture. And for that, I have to express my gratitude to my Creator that has guided me to Him, Len. By being here and being what I am, at my best, in worst of time. No matter the odds are and imperfections that exist. Things won’t be easy afterwards, it never has. The test, from time to time, would end, so is the reward. But new ones are being prepared and revealed to us, in due time, waiting in a harmonious sequence in the face of chaos and uncertainties.

Even at this very particular moment. If it had stopped, then the reason that drives us forward has ceased to exist. And that would plunge us all in a stagnant dirty little drain that had stopped flowing and performing its original function and purpose. Sadly, such occurrences do happened, gladly only in certain lapse of time and it is our form and function to snap out of it as fast as we can, minimising the error and damage it had inflicted. If we fail to remedy it in time and turn back to our original course, it would be the end of our happiness and self fulfilment.

Thank you Charles for your brilliant writing in my blog. And John, I'm not going to link to your DebunkingChristianity anymore. It is highly offensive for my Christian viewers and might mislead them of thinking that I'm debunking Christianity as well. Sorry.

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