Friday, April 2, 2010


When you did something bad, to someone, something really, really bad, what should you do when conscience strike back? As a human being, being naturally good, we can't escape our conscience. Getting rid of them with chemical warfare such as booze and pills don't count. Some say that having a sin or sins is the characteristics that separated us from being a god. Some say that one must be able to do miraculous things such as separating the moon or bringing the dead back to life as a sign that you are a god. Thank God, no one is worshipping David Copperfield.

Now, for some, God is being attributed with the characteristics of a mere and weak man. He must live and die like his Creations. Must suffer and taste all the things he had put man through, such as a stomach ache and having the need of food and drinks, which means that he had to go to the loo, from time to time, and now you know where does the phrase holy s*** comes from, it's definitely not a Muslim's creation.

Then we come to the death question. Why did God ruled out such a misery upon man? Why can't he live on forever like God himself? It's not fair now. Some that believe that there is no Composer, no Arranger of all the things that is happening and had happened previously (bear in mind, the power to choose, decide, and do that is given to man) had failed miserably of cheating death. So they still blame the poison ivy as a proof that there is no God, which had put them on the earth in the first place. Everything should be perfect and safe, tigers shouldn't have teeth and claws and pee at the very sight of a man, and no man would burn on the stake and by the ray of an atomic blast! Wouldn't it be great? And everything that exists would be like a cartoon world, where the characters won't die after being crushed to oblivion. Can you imagine what would it do to our logics if it did?

Muslims believed that this life is a test to reveal one's actual worth. No one can prove himself with his mere saliva nor with self-praise. He must walk the talk or had walked the talk previously, despite all the flaws and shortcomings, of course. Man, as a being that pursue perfection for being imperfect, would stumble and fall to temptation and the feeling of lost, from time to time and it is his duty to get up as fast as he can, wiping all the dust and sands on his body and in his mouth, cleaning all the blood and get back on his feet and stand tall.

He knew that as that error and sin was committed by him, he alone would have to deal with it. With remorse, repenting with tears and admitting his sins to God alone. If his sins is connected to another man, he must return what he had stolen and ask the forgiveness from his victim, compensating him for his lost, and then repent and not repeating the sin again. Following the bad deeds with good ones to annul the first. This is how a Muslim cleanses himself of sin. For he knew, that if he could dodge justice in this life, he couldn't run in the court of God, where his own hands, feet, and body would be witnesses testifying against him. And of course, the unbearable punishment that has been promised for the sinners. Having to live in a fiery fire, not being able to live nor to die, for thousands of years, to cleanse his sins. So, he would take his chance in this life to remedy his wrongs, than facing the inevitable in the afterlife. Facing a thousand deaths without having the ability to die to end the agony. By knowing what awaits him, motivation to do good is high in spite of the never ending urges to do bad and not caring of the rules and consequences of breaking them.

For some, they would continue to act like a god, having the power to decide the life and death of man. For some time I wonder what have made man to be eligible to such agonising torment in hell. Looking at the arrogant that arrogantly behaved, killed or plundered without any shame and remorse, like there is no God but him, made me understand the meaning and the need of justice. God has given them all the power, wealth, and thinking abilities. It is their own doing for choosing to be a demonic proud villain, where even the demon himself had not and would not do. You see, the fallen angel had only committed one sin, of not obeying Allah when he was ordered to do so, being so proud of what he is. You can’t compare him with a mere man.

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