Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fight Fire With Fire

Following the recent cowardly bombings of Russian civilians, believed to be perpetrated by Muslim separatist group, the bear had roared angrier than before. Those who dared to attack its civilian must pay a hefty price, double and triple folds than before. One might understand such statement, the need of it after such assault. You killed one of mine; I killed two of yours, or like the IDF, a thousand to one, or two civilians’ cities for one Pearl Harbour and et cetera and et cetera. That's how the circle of violence goes. It keeps on turning and turning until everyone is dead.

Violence only sparks more violence. Those who committed the despicable attacks must be punish, surely, but not his siblings, his countrymen nor his wife and daughters. To do the same would only create a hideous synonym. The same slayers of the helpless that have no will and power to inflict the same pain and agony to their brutal killers.

Men with guns, do kill each other. Leave the civilians out of it. There's no need to find solution or come out with give and take measures that would help to end the circle of violence. What for? All the fancy bombs and terminator machines would have been created for nothing, just like man. No responsibilities and accountabilities whatsoever. Man just exists as a freak of nature. A terminator of the living, not a problem solver that has to figure out of better ways for a win-win situation. There is no happy ending in the real world. Everyone only needs to kill and kill to gain all that he needs. Others must lose of course, in order for him to be able to gain something. Let's not co-exist.

I don’t think the Russians and the Chechen rebels ever watched Fearless written by Ronny Yu. Strength, supremacy and prowess won’t ensure anything. Learn it the hard way. May Allah showers the true hearts with patience and endurance. The worst is about to come from the bear. Like always.

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