Sunday, April 4, 2010

Problems With Islam

Stumbled upon a website by so called free thinker. The workload is increasing for me. As if it is not enough to be a facilitator for one programme, now I have to be another facilitator for another programme and the supermen got all the honey for chasing sleeping street demons that instill fear in every helpless one. I'm feeling safer and safer each day, much, much more assured than before, now that richer supermen are watching my back. What a life! Not that I'm complaining though, it comes with the job, three competitions to be won and all must go hand in hand with my core function as a tireless burning candle, enlightening others, hopefully not to my own demise..

So to save time, I'll make it brief,

One, you guys should really look yourself hard in the mirror before claiming that God is narcissist. What the hell that you guys have achieved in the betterment of mankind? Stopping abortions? Ending sexual lunacy? Trying to return the lost to its rightful owner? This is the problem of attributing man qualities to God. True, some of God's attributes were given to man, at a much lesser degree, that is why we are compassionate to the likes of us, and lesser to the likes of unlike us.

Two, things lost when you've become Muslim:
a. Suicide (slow or quick, painless or unimaginable untold suffering)
b. Sexual related foolishness, resulting in dehumanisation and death.
c. Swine flu.
d. Self poisoning by all the fancy booze, cigarettes and pills.
e. Stupidity. (There's nothing wrong with killing the helpless)
f. Starting World wars.

Three, the dreadful Islamic Hell:
a. You're not in it yet, despite being so stubborn and a rebelliously arrogant ant.
b. Tick, tock, tick ,tock, watch the clock, think correctly before you drop.

Four, No Islamic contribution for mankind:
a. Ask the Europeans from the dark ages of the Iron Maiden.
b. Erase all the medical and history writings, mentioning Muslims and Islam contribution to Science.

Five, Threat of Islamic terrorists:
a. Only a handful of Muslims are killing the innocents to make a point that their killers could suffer the same pain of losing their pride, honour and cherished ones and not just smile and get away by being a brutal killer which is also a thief.
b. Another almost a billion and a half just pray and watch. That is why you guys got to sleep and lie and got drunk and do all the stupid things you cleverly do. Like punching and beating Muslim women to get back at the dead terrorists. Well, now you know the feeling when someone did bad things to you. Can you turn the other cheek as you have so proudly speak?

Six, sex in Heaven with virgins untouched and unseen by anyone but the righteous:
a. That's what you get after being good when the chances of being bad are widely open and no one is stopping you.
b. There's no STD, death, and earthly deficits in heaven, because the test of life is over, get it?
c. This life is a test, heaven is the prize, for the good and humble that surrendered to God, not to his own whim.

Seven, I've puked. Sorry. Can't read all the vile now. My eyes are on you. Free thinker? You should really omit the word after free. It doesn't ring well with free. What a shame.

Check them out.:

Hmm. Some atheists just can't leave Islam alone after they have confronted Christianity. I wonder why? Trying to show how unbiased they are?

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