Friday, May 28, 2010

The Abortion Cause

Anonymous Simon I said...

'Channel Four TV Marie Stopes 'Abortion' advertisement 10.10 pm Monday 24 May 2010. I object to this advertisement in the strongest terms as it is completely misleading. It is what it doesn't say. It doesn't give a realistic picture or the terrible lasting effects an abortion can have on a woman for the rest of her life. Neither does it mention alternatives to abortion. But most of all it is callous in its approach to the healthy unborn child, as though the unborn child has no value whatsoever. It is a very sad day that Channel 4 have crossed this line in helping this vile business just to make money. Over 97% of the 200,000 plus abortions every year in England and Wales are for social reasons only. A mother's womb is now the most dangerous place to be; when it should be the safest.

Advertisements like this encourage more abortions when everyone should be working towards reducing the appalling number of abortions in the UK every year. Over 6 million healthy unborn babies killed since the 1967 Abortion Act; about the same number of innocent Jews killed by the Nazis before and during the second world war. It is perhaps no surprise that the 'Marie Stopes' name is connected to both human holocausts: Both horrific and barbaric events are about the killing of innocent and defenseless human life en masse and both supported by the Government of the day.

'As a society, we are only as civilised as we treat the most vulnerable amongst us'.

27 May 2010 17:46 Stopes, Hitler and eugenics

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