Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forgetting Turns

Blogger psybermonkey said...

And so you have contradicted your own beliefs by saying such things. You have broken the core standards that people like yourself claim to be true of god:

1) Nothing is impossible of god.

Yet you say, "Such a question would not be considered as possible...No other new revelation or prophet can come."

2) You nor anyone else has the right to judge god due to his vast superiority and absolute authority; He makes the rules.

Yet you say, "Your definition of God is someone that would ask me to do hideous and vile things that contradict any nature of goodness and he is god?"

But srizals, according to your own standard, god makes the rules on what is ethical and so it would no longer be vile if he said so. He decides what is ethical, not you. Who are you to judge god, srizals? Like you said before, "He [God] is the most powerful above all, incomparable with all that exist here in the universe." So which is it?

This hypothetical question is designed to reveal on of two things...either reveal your strict obedience to god under any circumstances due to his absolute authority and ability to do anything, or reveal the fact that you contradict your own beliefs when it comes time to put them on the line - which you have clearly shown as outlined above.

So decide: is nothing impossible for god and does he have absolute authority over what is ethical? Or is god someone who does have his limits and whom we do have the right to judge? If the ladder is true, then go ahead and say it - since so far you've only contradicted yourself according to the standards of belief regarding god.

Yes, you have responded to my question. Before moving on however, I am giving you the chance to respond to your contradictory answers.

Tue May 25, 10:17:00 AM 2010
Blogger Srinivasan said...

Allow me to contribute to the great debate between psybermonkey and srizals.

Allah coming to someone and condoning rape, paedophilia etc. is not a hypothetical situation. It has happened. If you look at the Qur'an and the accompanying Hadiths and Siras, you will realise that Allah has indeed sanctioned such behaviour.

You see, Allah sent his greatest messenger, Mohammed, to the world as an exemplary human being. So every action that Mohammed performed is not only divinely sanctioned, it is to be emulated by all good Muslims throughout their lives. In the course of his life, Mohammed has committed the following:

Paedophila (carnal knowledge of his child-brde Aisha at age 9)

Rape (see above. Also, he raped women captured in battle, usually whilst the bodies of their slain fathers/husbands where still warm)

Murder (of apostates and Jews and pagans, in countless numbers. Most of the murders were carried out by his followers upon his instruction, but a few privileged individuals were personally despatched to Allah by Mohammed himself)

Muslims are indeed following in the footsteps of Mohammed today. So to answer psybermonkey's question on behalf of srizals: yes, a good Muslim will indeed rape, murder etc if Allah commands him to do so. Hope that helps srizals.

All hail to the mighty Kali. I can't have a quarrel with you since you're not a Brahmin. All talk with no proof and comparison? Don't forget your sacrifice to Kali now, Srinivasan. Suttee is enough for you.

Psybermonkey, it's your turn to answer my questions. Have you eaten your own words now? Let our readers read your explanation. If not, it's going to be a dull stereotype argument, won't it? You keep on asking, I keep on answering. Where's the fun in that?

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