Friday, May 21, 2010

Comparing With The Lawless

It is sad to read about how brutal some Muslims are. It is horrific even more that their lack of understanding of Islamic laws and virtues made it easier for the enemies of Islam to degrade us. Forget the tens of millions that perished in their bloody hands, in the past and in the present. Never mention the pointless rapes and killings by the likes of them. The minority doesn't present the majority. The majority are not to be blame. As simple as that. So what if millions of babies were aborted on annual basis. It has nothing to do with the West, its values or the people that live and exist with such vile. But when it is regarding Islam and Muslims, a torn up country that is almost out of any rule of law, completely in havoc and anarchy would be a good benchmark for judging and identifying Muslims' values and perspectives. Since Somali warlords are a rigid role example of a good Muslim and how Muslims should be, just like any other good terrorists, all Muslims must be exactly the same with them. No, Muhammad comes second. And even Muhammad has been vigorously attacked and smeared with unimaginable slanders that even the true paedophiles hiding in the house of lord would not have to go through. Luckily. There, you have it. A simple rule of overgeneralization. It would make it easier to comprehend anyway. So what the heck.

What Saidina Umar did when he waived the punishment of cutting off the hands of thieves in dire times, never got any mention nor made as a basis of comparison. That no rape victims should be prosecuted for being rape would not have been mentioned to clarify things or at least to put things in perspective. Even the common practises in the rest of Muslim nations would never get any mention. It would disrupt the growth of the lies n hate.

No, I'm not apologizing nor giving any excuses for what some Somali warlords did and will do in the future or saying that they are not Muslims, like what some Christians did to the Germans. If you read up carefully they even shot a boy when some of the spectators tried to save the girl and I bet they were not Muslims. They are Muslims, but they can't do anything to help since the so-called punishers had guns. And don't forget, even Muslims end up in Hell if you truly understand the justice in Islam or care to at least read up before making assumptions. And no, I'm not shoving anything down your throat nor forcing you to believe what I believe. The evidence is all around us to see. How significance and insignificance the details would entirely depends on our set of beliefs that define things according to their perspective. Believe what you want to believe. Just don't stop others from believing otherwise or practising their beliefs. And stop blaming the entire Muslims for what a handful of Muslims did or will do in the name of Islam. Haven't you read Robert Spencer? They are all misunderstanders of Islam. About ten to twenty of them if I've been counting correctly. Hitler exterminated the Jews in the name of Christianity. Does that made Christianity endorse the killing? And yet we were shoved down our throats with such an absurd term, Islamofascist! Yeah, yeah, Hitler was actually a secret Mooslim. So was Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and all the mass murderers and warmongers that annihilated not just one 13 year old victim, the numbers are beyond any reason and logic that it beggars belief. But of course it has nothing to do with this issue. Muslims are plainly horrible and disgusting. They don't deserve to live nor have what they have. So tell me. What is the difference between you and the secret Mooslim that I've mentioned earlier?

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