Saturday, May 22, 2010

Freedom To Insult

Now I'm beginning to understand how democracy works in the West, especially in Sweden. In a video available in YouTube, regarding the violent attack on Lars Vilk, you can see how freedom of speech actually works in the West. First you get some men with guns and pepper sprays to guard you since you know what you are about to show would surely angered the Muslims. Why not? You have associated the call to pray, which is considered sacred with a depiction of homosexuality which is very offensive for Muslims. And yet pornography is not pornography. No wonder how luxurious the sex industry is in the West. They considered everything as a freedom of expression, the sacred democracy that cannot be touch by others. Muslims' faith is not on the same par.

The problem is that when Muslims want to express themselves and practise their freedom of speech then all of a sudden. Beep. Termination upon request or a polling is needed to address it, since the so-called freedom of expression is only reserved and limited to them, a privilege not for the ones called Muslims. Since Muslims are a very dangerous creed. They have been killing millions of people since ages. They even dared to fight the mighty NATO alliance and the strongest super power of the world. How dare they! How dare they oppose the invaders and the killers of their family in their own homeland. Look at how the kind and gentle West is treating the Muslims living with them. Insulting them on their faces with guns and pepper sprays. How democratic! Now you are surely going to make the Muslims feel right at home in the country that has accepted them before. After the West no longer needs the Muslims as an ally against the dreaded Communist, they are no longer welcome in a country that they have called as home. If this happens in the East, or specifically in Muslim nations, it would be considered as a grave violation of the rights of the minority. How the proud majority have arrogantly defied the rights of the fragile minority. But to make things clear, double standard is the norm of some Westerners and there are the good Westerners that have no part of it or want any part of it. The blind hatred that is so oppressive and destructive in nature. Both for the hated and the haters.

A storm is coming. But come to think of it, when did Muslims ever enjoy a life without the threat of envious eyes? May Allah shower us with patience at times when we need it the most. May Allah protect us all from the insanity and stupidity that can't rest quietly but continue to provoke and threat the sane and good that have chosen to co-exist and prosper together in a harmony of differences. May Allah protect us all from the anger and stupidity of the ignorant and especially our own anger and stupidity.

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