Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Blogger srizals said...

Blogger psybermonkey said...

"We're a culture that doesn't appreciate being told what to do"

I know, you would very much like to be respected and appreciated for your existence, treated as an intelligent human being that you are, but what about the Muslims, are they not as the same as you? Are you above them?

If you knew something is offensive to someone, would you glaringly provoke him in the first place just to show that you can do it? Wouldn't you think it's quite snobbish?

You never met Muhammad nor know anything about him, so why making fun of him? If you don't like how certain Muslims are behaving, instead you should be drawing and making fun of the Muslims that annoyed you.

You said you can do whatever you want, and yet you cannot appreciate what the Muslims were doing in respond to your first bullet. They burn your flag, and it is very offensive to you. No, they won't 'draw' back to you, they can't. They are forbidden to make fun of others' belief and god. Please note that it was your culture that steps on the foot of other culture first. Surely you can't expect they would not do anything. Look at you, you did something that you said as a respond to Muslims' demand.

Your culture has failed to respect other culture, so don't act so baffled when you pissed off somebody from different culture.

Why did you do it in the first place? Is it just plain hatred, or simply a provocative measure? If you said that it's your right to do anything as a free person, expect some fanatics to think the same. They think they have the right to threaten and kill such a person that defiles something that they considered as holy and precious. Don't you think that they are just like you? You and they are free to do whatever that suits you.

Muslims on the other hand are being violently killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. They are being marginalized in other country, especially in the West. So you can guess why they resent you guys so much. The ones that failed to show any respect towards others. I won't over generalize all Westerners as you guys. People are just so different from one another.

And yet, you guys are living in a dream world, completely oblivious why some Muslims, are so easily provoked. If you have been witnessing your loved ones being brutally killed, your country being invaded, even a stupid cartoon would be seen as an act of arrogance.

Person0123452 said...
"What if I told you, you couldn't worship your fake god because it offends me"

I didn't know that your belief requires you to mock and made fun of other belief in order to feel right. The common sense is respect others, and they will respect you.

Personally, I don't think that those who like to insult others to make a point deserved to be kill. They are just plainly not worth dying for.

Fri May 21, 03:41:00 PM 2010
Blogger TaoCat said...

Oh, are the poor muslims being treated with something less than respect? Respect is earned. When I can go to a muslim country and express my beliefs freely, maybe then I will grant your religion some respect. When sharia isn't used to oppress women (and child brides) then perhaps your faith will be granted more respect.

As to the war, I hate innocents being killed regardless of their religion. But ideological forces on both sides foster this sort of callus hatred. That is why blogs like this are around-showing that all religious dogma (you may notice he also mocks christianity, etc.) is hazardous to your thinking and your health.

Sat May 22, 08:48:00 AM 2010

You are one arrogant cat, TaoCat. But at least, you are not a pure hater that thrives on the miseries of man.

Respect is earned, true, but nonetheless, the inability to respect and understand what is sacred to someone else is considered as an inconsiderate gesture, a characteristic of the oppressor and destroyer of mankind.

You have overgeneralized all Muslims to be radical and docile in nature for the actions of the few. I wonder if you can accept this statement, most of the brutalities and killings were done by the atheists throughout history and so, all atheists are naturally destructive and oppressive when they were in power, when they are not, they are simply irritating.

The reason that made those Muslims ran berserk in the first place never get any mention in the West. They were just brushed aside as loons that hate the freedom of the West.

Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin if I recalled correctly do have something in common. They see religion as a source of evil and backwardness, so they started a revolution to get rid of them and marked their actions in history. The genocide that was so horrible that none of the culprits were ever brought to justice.

World War 1 and 2 were not driven by Muslims. The only nation that used weapon of mass destruction on civilians was not a Muslim nation. The atrocities and terror inflicted upon nations and people at that time were governments that had the support of the majority of the people. Are there any similarities of what some Muslim fanatics are doing today?

You seem to have more concern on children marriages in certain Muslim countries rather than the paedophiles menace and sexual related problems in the West. Are those marriages as rampant as the sexual problems of exploiting children as young as a baby and women to the vilest way imaginable in the West? What say you?

Are you a Taoist or a follower of Nietzsche? Have you ever aborted your baby?

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