Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cruelty and Oppression


Reading how ones describe God based on his understanding of a scripture that has been tampered with is beyond my logic and comprehension. Is this the outcome of associating God with His creation or making a similitude between the created ones with the Creator?

Some people are so afraid of Islam and see it as a cancellation order or some kind. What they have failed to notice, it is a confirmation and a correction measure from God to His God-fearing servants. I just don't understand on how certain people can believe all the hideous things said to be done by God and His messengers and prophets. Their attributes are and were the same with everything that is evil and bad. What boundaries then that separate between the good and the bad? Worst, Satan ends up to be one of the good guys according to Steve. Have all the devil worshippers got it wrong all this while? Were they all mixed up together just like the good and the bad that exist inside all of us? When our sanity and desire of goodness overwhelmed the insanity and the craving of fulfilling all our wants and needs, we've become a good person and vice versa. The battle within us would not stop, the battle of good and evil are more intense and brutal inside of us. The end result usually manifest themselves on our outer-self of observable behaviours, on how we tend to say things and how we carry ourselves outside of our mind and emotion in acting and reacting to changes and the variables around us.

In the Koran, all the verses except one, begins with In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. In every mention of sin and wrong-doings, there is alternative being presented almost simultaneously. We were told about Hell and the end result of evil. Paradise and the victorious good will follow suit or precede it.
Option is always at hand. The decision maker is us. We have to decide in determining our action and of course bear the consequences. We won't just disappear and be nothing after being something. And have no justice on our previous decision and action. What more are our victims and the ones that had lost their precious ones, whatever that maybe, to the mighty and rightfully us. Does it make any sense?

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