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An Awkward Question

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Your response is quite ironic. At one point you said that "He [God] is the most powerful above all, incomparable with all that exist here in the universe." You also said that if he did reveal himself to you and made such commandments, you would call him a liar because you believe that god wouldn't do such a thing.

Well, if you hold to your first statement above, who are you to judge god? Can't he do whatever he wants? Isn't he above you? Aside from the fact that he is recorded in scripture to have actually appeared "face to face" to people, why couldn't he do so if he chose to unto you? Doesn't he have the power to do so and prevent you from being overwhelmed? Also, I never said that he would appear to everyone to prove his existence...I merely asked what you would do if he appeared to you. For arguments sake, let's pretend that he came unto you as a new age prophet like he did Moses and others.

So here's the setup. One that you cannot get around:

1) God can do anything

2) You nor anyone else has the right to judge god due to his vast superiority and absolute authority

3)God makes the rules

4)If you believe that the previous circumstances above are true, answer the following question: If god came before you as he did unto others (and you KNOW without a DOUBT that it is your god) and commanded that it is now acceptable to rape and murder children and that you should go out and advocate others to do the same...would you? Again, if the first three circumstances are true, as you seem to believe, why wouldn't you do what god commands of you? why wouldn't they be acceptable?

Simply stating that it's "the wrong question" is a cowardice response given by those who do not want to admit to their imploding ideology.

Please, just answer the question. It's quite simple given the 4 circumstances I laid out for you. Prove to me that you have the courage to honestly do so, unlike most of the others.

Mon May 24, 09:49:00 AM 2010



You have prescribed all Muslims with the likes of the few that has abandoned the teaching of their faith and chose a violent way to respond to aggression, both in intellect and bloody conflict, and yet, you have rejected my mentioning about the conduct and behaviour of the majority of atheists, not the minority nor a handful, but a well organised and powerful governments and organisations, not in an act of defence and retaliation, but in the act of aggression and oppression. What they had done is simply irrelevant. You don’t like to be associated with the likes of them. Muslims on the other hand are not entitled to your exclusive privilege.

You are using a Christian point of view to ask me a question as a generalisation of your comprehension on religion.

Regarding your question psybermonkey, this is what you should know about God according to Islam,

A saying of Muhammad, narrated by Muslim: Hadith Qudsi 1.

“When Allah decreed the Creation He pledged Himself by writing in His book which is laid down with Him: ‘My mercy prevails over my wrath.”

The Koran,
Surely, Allah does not wrong people at all, but the people do wrong their own selves.

Unlike the descriptions of god in other religion, God in Islam has laid a foundation and law to Himself and His creation known as Sunnatullah. Sunnatullah means the law that binds Him and His creation made by Him. For example, He has forbidden cruelty for Him. If you care to read the Koran you’ll find the verses explaining that even when God is above others, He didn’t act like a crazy person that will do whatever crossed his mind just because He has the ultimate power and no one could and should question Him. In Islam, God is unlike anything and do not possess the attributes of His creation. Man in the other hand, is in complete contrast.

I have answered your question or at least have tried to. You on the other hand, did not. None of you. How could I answer yes or no, since your definition of God is someone that would ask me to do hideous and vile things that contradict any nature of goodness and he is god? For me it is more an assumption and probability than a question.

Hadith Qudsi 16,
“Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad ones.” Then He explained it [by saying that] “he who has intended a good deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as from ten good deeds to seven hundred times, or many times over. But if he has intended a bad deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed.”- related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

The Koran,
Say, “Is there any one from your associate-gods who guides to the truth?” Say, “Allah guides to the truth. Is, then, He who guides to the truth more worthy of being obeyed, or he who has no guidance at all unless he is guided (by someone else)? So, what has happened to you? How do you judge things?

Hadith Qudsi 17,
‘O My servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not oppress one another. O My servants, all of you are astray except for those I have guided, so seek guidance of Me and I shall guide you. O My servants, all of you are hungry except for those I have fed, so seek food of Me and I shall feed you. O My servants, all of you are naked except for those I have clothed, so seek clothing of Me and I shall clothe you. O My servants, you sin by night and by day, and I forgive all sins, so seek forgiveness of Me and I shall forgive you. O My servants, you will not attain harming Me so as to harm Me, and you will not attain benefiting Me so as to benefit Me. O My servants, were the first of you and the last of you, the human of you and the jinn of you to be as pious as the most pious heart of any one man of you, that would not increase My kingdom in anything. O My servants, were the first of you and the last of you, the human of you and the jinn of you to be as wicked as the most wicked heart of any one man of you, that would not decrease My kingdom in anything. O My servants, were the first of you and the last of you, the human of you and the jinn of you to rise up in one place and make a request of Me, and were I to give everyone what he requested, that would not decrease what I have, any more than a needle decreases the sea if put into it. O My servants, it is but your deeds that I reckon up for you and then recompense you for, so let him who finds good praise Allah and let him who finds other than that blame no one but himself.’” - related by Muslim (also by at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah).

Psybermonkey, to look for something, you must have an idea and the right tools to look for it in the first place. Things near to us would be a good medium of comprehension. To understand certain things, we have to observe and compare them with one another. Since the dark nature of man exist in all of us, the quantity, frequency and the reason behind such equation should be taken into consideration in order to make sense of them.

Some say it is their right to do anything according to their will even though it is offensive and uncalled-for, but when someone else did it to them, the first rule is void hence it is only reserved for them. What kind of judgement is this? The thinking of a higher being? Or just plainly snobbish? You on the other hand are trying to show your superiority by oppressing the Muslim and pushed them into a corner in the cyber world like what your military is doing now in their homeland in the real world. And you are wondering how hostile some of them are. Haven’t you learned physics?

I'm just explaining some relevant concept of things in Islam regarding our discussion. I'm not trying to influence you or make you a believer. It is beyond me.

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