Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Discussion.

Then, he shouldn't have meddle with things larger than him now, won't it Nick?

Isn't it obvious Nick? You can't prosecute nor inflict on others with punishment without proper evidence.

It also shows that Islam is not obsessed in punishments. Rather than making an error in punishing, it is better to make an error in releasing. So they prefer to let go and let God.

You can't just interpret the verses of the Koran without proper understanding and most of all knowledge. Since you're not a scholar of the Koran, it is unwise to act like one.

The wife and husband have to be divorced, since there is no longer any trust between them. By the way Nick, what is the atheist's solution if the matter arises? Or Steve would care to explain his ways in dealing of a matter he had made such a fun of.

If not, what's the point of arguing? Just for the sake of making fun of things? Where's the reason in that for an atheist?

Tue May 11, 10:41:00 PM 2010
Blogger Nick said...


First, I am not an atheist, I will forgive this since you couldn't have possibly known. I merely am not a follower of any branch of christianity or islam.

Unless the Quran lists what to do it is very open to interpretation. Why should you have to be a scholar to know what a religious book wants you to do? This leaves numerous situations open for abuse.

How would I handle this situation? Well first of all I would look at the unhappy couple and say "That is private business, why are you comming to me with this? You two need to decide on working it out or getting a divorce" There problem solved.

And if religion stopped trying to interfere with my life by trying to control the laws and government and telling me how to live then my, as you put it, "making fun of things" would disappear and I wouldn't care what others religious beliefs are. Sound fair?

Wed May 12, 10:10:00 AM 2010


Tell me Nick, when and where did any Muslims try to control you and Steve? Is there any specific web pages or blogs that dedicate themselves to attack your belief, as this blog have?

Are they a mere reaction to a deliberate action of arrogance? If you don't believe it, why bother? Isn't this just an act of trying to prove that some unbelievers are smarter than others?

The Koran is simple. But there are certain verses that can be corrupted in terms of interpretation, some are open for interpretation, since sometimes not all things are applicable exactly the same. Haven't you heard of autonomy before?

But you can always refer to the original text and compare interpretations by authorised and well-recognised organisations.

Where have you been studying lately? Would you go to anyone that claimed he is a supreme master of knowledge or compare and check your understandings to a legitimate and legalised institutions and sources with calibre?

If any mad men or not that intellect decide to say something about anything, would you be a believer Nick?

If anyone can be an interpreter of anything, what kind of discipline of knowledge is that? There must be a set of rules governing things now, don't you think so? Without it, we would only be following hunches, and blind assumptions, despite being so intellect.

What makes Steve's interpretations and understandings of a book completely out of his league, as a valid and genuine source beyond any reasonable doubts? Is he a god? I mean an alternative god to the lawless and the free? I think after ridiculing everyone else, he should offer alternatives. And not just present a half cook information that has no value to influence anyone but himself.

Sorry for judging you as an atheist, are you an agnostic then?

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  1. Yes I am an agnostic, during my late teens early 20's I identified myseolf as Wiccan/pagan, although I am far beyond the point of relating to that anymore.

    And I personally have never attacked or ridiculed the Quran specifically for the reason you said, I don't know anything about it and have never had any experience with it whatsoever. I read and join in on that blog for the specific reason that I have had a lifetime of expereience on the Bible as I was raised as a strict christian and have seen the way that the fundamentalists want to control the laws and government. I apologize for my remark saying religion and therefore including muslims, it should have been more specific and I did not write it so.


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