Friday, May 14, 2010

A Continuity of The Same Thing.

Thank you Nick for understanding my motive. You see, for Muslims, the basic foundation is there have always been only one God, the same, and the only God that had sent prophets and messengers to all mankind with the same message and laws, since the beginning of creation to its last. There is only a God and this God is nothing like His creations, in terms of existence, limitations and needs. Some of God's attributes were given to his creations, as a gift, to enable him to look for the truth and survive, for example, God is all-seeing, so he had granted this ability, not to the fullest and unlike Him, to his creations, although not to all.

In no way, God has the weaknesses nor the needs of His creations. Why? Because God is God. Nothing is like Him. And nothing is compared to Him. God as the Creator, would of course, would not suffer the same needs and weaknesses of His creations. And for being granted the gift of existence, man should show his gratitude to his Creator, by being the best at the worst of time. For Muslims, this life is only a test to reveal which one is better in their deeds and whether they can walk the talk and govern this world accordingly. Thus, every action would of course have accountability and man is given the chance to remedy his weaknesses and wrong doings, before his time is up.

This is the difference between the religion called Islam with the rest of the religions that exist throughout the world.

As any creations that exist, God has given us the means to survive, learn and thrive. So, in spite of all the hardships, whether they are self inflicted by the human race or by the elements, man has always been triumphant. So we keep on thriving, multiplying and advancing, instead of all the sufferings and pains, mistakes and blunders that occur from time to time. If it doesn’t, what kind of test would it be? An easy one?

The Koran as the last revelation from God has remained intact from the corruptions of man. It has been read, practised and memorised by all Muslims, not just to the selected priests, since there are no priesthood in Islam and exclusive privileges to the so called house of god. It is taught by the Prophet himself, not by his so called later to come disciples, to all Muslims and foremost, his loyal companions. Muslims were strong at that time and they were not on the run or hiding from any persecutions. Some Arabs that pretend to be Muslims at that time did try to eliminate them from the face of this earth, but they were triumphant then. The Romans and the Persians, two world superpowers at that time did try to eliminate them by proxy wars and engaging Muslims themselves, thus leaving no choice for the Muslims back then, but to invade and eliminate the threat at its source. Just like what the USA is thinking and doing now in Iraq and Afghanistan. The similarity stops there. Muslims were not superior than the mighty Romans and Persians at that time, while the USA is just like a big bully, bullying the unmatched adversaries, too weak to fight them and doing it all for the wrong reasons.

Unlike any recorded books of guidance, it is clear that Allah had informed mankind that He is God and asked the ones that believed in Him to be Muslims and clearly stated that the religion for man is Islam. The good and the bad is defined clearly, the dos and don'ts, history lessons, science yet to be unfold not at the time the Koran was revealed, and most importantly, the question of why we are here and where are we going from here. It is all clearly stated, not in a vague and confusing manner. Not in a dead language, but in a living language, easy to learn and memorised, but too hard to corrupt. Arabic is such a language, you can't simply omit and add a word or sentences to other words and sentences, without making it sounds awkward. This is only unique to Arabic. That is why Steve only managed to create a few sentences that don’t even make any sense in English in his attempt to answer God's challenge of coming with a verse or a book like the Koran.

But man is a creature unlike no other. He has some of the attributes of his Creator in terms of limited ability and sharing also some of the attributes of the angels and the animals, to equip himself for this test of life. That is what makes us, the human race unique compared to the other creations of the Creator. If a man, despite his flaws and never ending needs and lusts to be fulfilled, managed to be good and do good deeds in this short existence of himself, he has put himself in a position higher than the angels, which has no such flaws and needs. But if he follows his lust and needs only, while undermining and harming others, he had become the lowest form of creature of them all, even lower than the animals, since, animals are not blessed with the attributes of man. The ability to think using logic of a brain completely different from the brain of a chimpanzee.

For Muslims, Islam guards the safety of the mind, life, belongings, rights and bloodlines. It is only for the benefit and the betterment of the self. Current examples and things that happened in the last decades showed to us, how miserable man have become in not following the basic rules of his existence. As a result, mischief and mishaps are rampant and taxing. Steve has count the killings by so called god and Satan in the bible. What he had forgotten to count is the head counts of ten of millions that perished in world wars, genocides and famine caused by the mere man. Muslims do involved in some of these wars, but in terms of the magnitude of the events, the culprits, the antagonists are mostly, if not all of them, were atheists, such as Mao and his famine and brutalities, Pol Pot with his killing fields, Stalin and his freezing hell, last but not least, Israel and its Dier Yassin, Sabra and Shatila. Not forgetting Christians' wars of power struggle and domination. Hitler and his death camps, the Serbians’ aggressions, the conquistadors and Europeans that almost annihilated the Indian race out of America with their buffaloes never recovered until this day. Spain and India did suffer the Muslims too, with Taj Mahal and Alhambra still manifest the Muslims treatment to them.

Muslims are not perfect either. They do involved in wars and acts of aggression hence forgetting the laws and orders set for them by the Koran and the Hadiths, such as the Iran-Iraq war, Invasion of Kuwait and the breaking of the solidarity between the Turks and the Arabs that witness the decline of the Muslims nation. This division do have consequences. Muslims are one. When they are broken to pieces, their strength is gone. And Palestine remains to be a splinter like it is on the world map, in the hearts of every Muslims.

But if you care to count the numbers of the dead, the degree of the act of aggressions, domination and those profited from the demise and degrading of the human race, be it sexual exploitations based industry, war industry and cruel monetary system, you will be surprised to see the percentages involving Muslims and Non Muslims. You may find some of the articles here in this blog, but you may browse for more, from reliable sources, which is abundant in the Worldwide Web.

There is a sinister force that is paving the way of making Muslims and Non Muslims locking horns to utter ruins. And this entity is not of race and religion, but instead an arrogant idea that exploits man's hunger for the truth to serve its purpose. Thriving on the miseries of man.

For that, I have to be me. To stop them with the only way I know how, by exposing the truth in the best way that I can, with all the restraints and weaknesses that I have.

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