Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Know Which is Which?

Blogger skanksta said...


Don't suppose I'll get an answer on this old thread, but...
1)Why shouldn't people (politely) ridicule beliefs? It happens all the time in politics, science and sports.

2) The "alternative that Steve needs to offer" is obvious - stop taking ancient religious books seriously.

Thu May 13, 04:54:00 PM 2010
Blogger srizals said...


1. A belief is higher than all of them. Steve is trying to degrade it lower than them. Discussions with respect is not a problem. Degrading is.

2. No, that is not what he is doing, he's just trying to undermine a superior way of life that would safe guard mankind. He's offering anarchy.

Fri May 14, 01:22:00 PM 2010
Blogger skanksta said...

1) Why is "belief higher than any of them ?" AND how is quoting the text of books degrading ?!

2) What is offering "a superior way of life" - I'm not clear...
The Eastern Orthodox church ?
Thor Worship ?
Mormonism ?
Sunni Islam ?
Hinduism ?
Methodism ?
Buddhism ?
Shiia Islam ?

Fri May 14, 01:37:00 PM 2010


if you have been reading Steve, you can see that he is just making fun of things without proper research, for example comparing with other point of views or sources, except based on his own understanding.

1. Why a belief is higher than a man's creation? Go check the abortion law in the USA. It is based on a lie and murderous in nature and yet it is all legal and accepted by the highly civilised and advanced society.

2. Not a superior way of life that matters, but which it the truest? That is the question. How to know?

a. Check out how the believers of the belief had behaved in the past and in the present. Are they destructive in nature? Check the percentages too.

b. How do its rules and regulations adhere to the rules of nature of goodness and compassion, for example, regarding marriage and holiness.

c. Check out the belief system they are offering. Is there any contradictions, awkwardness and tyranny?

d. Check out their behaviours in celebrating ceremonies and religious conducts.

e. Check out how they have been treating others that have different belief than them? Are they showing any tolerance or oppressive in nature.

f. Steve has purposely forgotten the gospel of Barnabas. Why?

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