Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Fun of Others: A Childish Game.

There is no such thing as holiness for an atheist.

Ain't we have seen it all? Just when we thought that we have seen all the stupidity a stupid person can do, they just can't stop to amaze us with their renew stupidity. It is a grave concern on seeing how easily some Muslims were tempted by their deception. You see, they can't deal with us intellectually, so they curse and make fun of us in order to annoy us. When we get annoyed, they would feel a certain satisfaction of seeing how agitated we have become and to show to others, how dangerous and abusive a Muslim can be. For them, they are all perfect being. Perfect in living an obvious lie. Zero defect in polluting their own mind and soul and a never ending disappointment of knowing Islam and Muslims are still here and growing instead of all the magic and mojoo they have so cleverly come out with.

To those Mr. Smartie pants that is making it a life of hurting the feeling of others (and also those who hurt others physically). You see, what you are doing only hurt some Muslims, those who do not believe that stupidity is what stupid people are so clever of doing. They are abuser. An abuser can only do what an abuser is good at. That's all that they do. That's what they are. If they can't abuse themselves, they'll abuse others, the circle never breaks until they out-bored themselves. You see, their life is meaningless. A void existence that is heading towards a dead end. Just like a dead ant. Play their game and you would end up being the same like them. Don't fall into their traps.
To the ones that think they are above man.

Go ahead, show to the rest of the world how clever you are in dealing with a threat that you can't even comprehend. You are so afraid of us and the truth. It shows.

You have my sympathy. For being so afraid out of ignorance. You have been duped. And you can't snap out of it. You are a mere coward. You need the approval of a puny man to get some self-respect and the feeling of acceptance and appreciation. For how long? Does it really worth it?

To the rest of the Muslims. Don't be tempted on such a childish act of the ignorant. They'll get what they deserved.

This is the proof needed by so many to truly understand of what these people are really made of. Dwindling of self-respect and comprehension. Forever caught in the endless circle of stupidity.

They don't deserve our anger. A complete empty self that seek fun in the only way that they know. By being ignorant. Read up the verses of Al Quran in dealing with the ignorant. Save your energy. They are not worth it. Deal with these cowards with your mighty pen. They have no point of standing.

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