Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Nothing


One of the highly impact movies of my childhood that still put a smile on my face and inspire me to this day is The Neverending Story. It was a story about a boy that accidentally discovered a book which pulled him into the story that he was reading. You see, the land of Fantasia was being consumed by a sinister force that was threatening its very existence. So sinister, it threats the very existence, not just the survival of everyone and everything that is someone or something. Everything and everyone was being erased by the Nothing. Interesting to note is that the Nothing was just a nothing, nothing more, nothing less. It is a complete void, a meaningless vacuum that turn an existence to nothingness out of disbelief, as simple as that. Completely ignoring the basic science that everyone had learned, something would always turn into something else, it would never disappeared and some think that they are so scientific to ignore this basic scientific fact.

I was very young at that time, but luckily for me, the movie did help me a lot. First, in my interest of acquiring a second language, second, I always prefer something from nothing. I think what every humanist had lost their humanist's perspective is that it would be a major blow for any human's motivation in being the best of himself by knowing that there is nothing that awaits them when they are dead and there is absolutely nothing that govern the harmony of existence. Be it the circle of life, death and life, pleasure and pain, war and peace, perfect and imperfect that revolve and resolve in the continuum of the good human nature and the dark side of the beast man. Some Humanists have always focused the good side of us as a reference to humanistic views. What they have forgotten is the other side. The one that love to hurt, kill, rape, devour, dominate, do and take whatever that he wills. It is the same existence as the good characteristics of the humanity side that is considered human. The dark side is also originated from the human self. The source of violence and whatever evil that we can think of or had been recorded in our brains or in history, actually exist deep inside of us, all of us. The rage and the feeling of superiority and dominance over others, unwilling to care about others. It is and always was just me and me. You are nothing and won't matter to me.

Reading some articles by atheists sometimes make me wonder how childish they are actually. It is amazing that they considered themselves as the one that has no delusion, the ones that reason the most and understand better about existence, much, much better than anyone else.

Some of the logic that I've encountered -

Tuhan - Malaysia


I asked around, and all the Muslims around me wouldn't answer my questions. They actually got mad at me and told me to STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.

Can you believe that?

And from what I learned, Islam should have been a religion of knowledge and tolerance.

The sad thing is, Islam IS a religion of knowledge and tolerance. It's just the people, especially in Malaysia, who are just afraid of the things that they don't understand and have decided to destroy that aspect of Islam.

It was after failing to get direct answers (people kept telling me to refer to the Koran when they themselves HAVE NOT READ IT) that I decided to figure things out by myself.

I find that ALL RELIGIONS, without prejudice, relies on FAITH. No surprises there.

But here's the thing: There is absolutely NO PROOF that what is said in their books and teachings that these things actually came from God.

Is there any physical proof? Logical proof?

Look at Islam, and look at Christianity. What's their proof? A book? Two books? Pfft. I can write a book. Ron L Hubbard did. And they started a religion.

So what's the big deal? Just insert some ambiguous texts, and we're all set.

They would say something like: Oh, this verse here and there is prophetic! They predicted TV about 2000 years ago!

Big deal! Asimov predicted GPS satellites 50 years ago! Nostradamus predicted Hitler a few hundred years ago. So what?

I dare ANY religion to state that claim, that their religion is from God, and prove it. Really. Just PROVE it.

I have nothing against Islam as much as I have nothing against other religions. Just don't try and sell something and say that it's from God without any valid proof."


Back to me.

Atheists, some of course, kept on asking the proof of a physical form that they can comprehend. Is this a deform of abstract understanding of their brain? Hmm..What they have completely forgotten is to provide the proof of the otherwise. So they played with dice, roll them and ask us to pray so that God would turn the dice according to our pray (order and demand more likely). So things have just turn around upside down. Instead of man should obey God, God had to obey man's whims and tantrum. God is subjected to pleasing the weakling creations that He had created. God must be a good centurian robot in The Battlestar Galatica, and say, "By your command" in a very robotic way to please us, complying to our wise and heavenly demands. So they come up with videos and questions, why don't God heal amputees or disfigurement of man. What they have forgotten is the exposure to chemical cocktails or toxins or the wars that man have created themselves, that caused it in the first place. No smoke and alcohol intake to be blame. Not even chemical toxic waste that we created and filled our lungs and lives on daily basis.

I guess, they would be a wonderful parent to their ever demanding and never satisfied children. Would they fulfil every wish of their children? Would they themselves fulfil every tick of desire they could think of? I dare to say, they wouldn't dare. And that proves just that, that not all dreams should and could come true. Everything has its limits. Without limits, everything would be reduced to nothing, as it did in our distant past. So it will in our near future. There's a limit of what we can do. Try it. Test it on your own. A childish suggestion of mine would be the challenge of how long can you hold your breath by placing a mirror in front of your nose, not on your face, since we would burst into laughter on seeing how silly our looks are on the reflective view of ourselves.

And to all that still need proof, don't worry. Just watch around you. Look at the vile of men. Their hideous ways. Now and then. The percentages and the degree of the evil that men have indulged themselves in. The secret and the lies to cover up the hideous crimes done by them, unseen but exist. The rampant paedophile cases around the world, their vastness and characteristics must be taken into account and compared with what you have so cruelly accused of my prophet. Without a basis of comparison, you would only cancel out yourself. How do you think matters were decided in a court of law? Assumptions without comparisons?

Don't be lazy and do read up. Make research and findings. Explore the world of knowledge, history and self. Check out the figures, compare them and come up with a logical explanation. Don't be afraid to discover the truth. It would only save not me but just only you.

I close this one with this verse of the Koran.

Surely, for the God-fearing there are gardens of bliss.

Otherwise, shall We make the obedient like the sinners?

What has happened to you? How do you judge?

Do you have a book in which you read

that for you there is what you choose?

Or do you have oaths sworn by Us, remaining effective up to the Day of Judgment, that you will get what you decide?

Ask them which of them stands surety for that.

A pain, a suffering or a loss of a hundred years would not be comparable with eternity of infinity. It is way much better than end up being nothing. Or is it completely logical to our humanistic comprehension?

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