Monday, May 24, 2010

A Sincere Smile

I went to a place previously for a public speaking competition. Nothing unusual about it. It was just like any other public speaking competition that I've taken my students to throughout the years, but all of a sudden, an American saw me and the way she looked at me, with her big rounded eyes and smile, warms me right into the heart. She caught the face but couldn't recall where we've met before. She is one of the ETA, or English Teacher Assistant here in Malaysia to help improve English, more likely to nurture the interest to learn English among the students here by having a native speaker to interact with them. They are something, their openness and willingness to be here and dwell among the Muslims a thousand miles away from their home.

Interactions with these nice average people, the Westerners that are so different than me, and yet so similar in humanity warms my heart and keeps the faith in me that one day, all the wars and aggressions would go away. The good and the sane would eventually prevail, no matter what colours and faith they hold. Goodness and kindness are universal indeed.

Thank you Bob. Your links are very refreshing. Surely I will visit your blogs after this.

To the rest of my readers, do stop me from time to time if I got carried away or made mistakes or caused confusion from time to time. I do need your kind advice and reminder. I am only human. Never did I claim I am the perfect one or the best of them all. I'm here for a reason. Glamour and wealth are not either one of them. Religion is advice. If you think I'm crossing the lines or presenting confusion statements or facts, feel free to comment or email me personally. Thank you very much for coming here and read the mind of an average guy that is not trying to be an ulama nor an umara'. I'm just the average Joe, doing what an average man could do in the face of such powerful and intellectual menace that is about to engulf us to uncertainties in order to prosper. They are like leeches. And I'm going to bring them down. Their deluded hardcore supporters of course. At least their pride. Give them face. Let the big shots have their glory. You can't expect them to respond to me nor discuss with me openly in the worldwide web for everyone to see. I'm not their equals.

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