Monday, May 24, 2010

Having No Legs to Stand On

Blogger psybermonkey said...

"who is the dreadest of them all? As I recall, the atheists' mind, as they went down in history, a quite number of them of course, tend to be genocidal if not suicidal and are close to insanity."

Ah, this old pathetic argument again. Can't say I'm surprised to see it coming from you.

Atheism is simply the non-acceptance to the claim that god exists. That's it. It says absolutely nothing about your morals as that is not the term is meant to provide any more than "non-stamp collector." Provide me evidence where the historical figures you mentioned killed IN THE NAME of atheism - just as religious people do. You can't because that wasn't their agenda. Atheism is nothing more than not accepting the claim of the existence of god and so you can be incredibly evil or incredibly moral. Even you cannot deny that you don't have to be religious to be moral - as its simply depends on being raised in an environment that teaches you to be so. A belief in an invisible sky god is not a required factor.

And are you going to tell me that the only reason why you (I assume) don't go out committing crimes and hurting people is because you believe god says its wrong? I think we both know that it goes much deeper than that. Take god away and you will still have the internal ability to sympathize and uphold the universal golden rule.

And I'd also like you to answer me this: if you foundation for ethics is constructed based on what god says...would pedophilia, rape, and anything else be OK if god came before you and said they were? If he makes the rules as to what is moral and what isn't, why wouldn't you advocate them?

That reminds me...Mohammad married his wife Aisha at 6 years old and had sex with her once she turned 9. Show me the handbook for atheists where such disgusting and horrible behavior is advocated. You won't because it's not a dogmatic religion (or a religion at all!). It's simply the non-acceptance of the claim for the existence of god. That's it. It doesn't even mean that you cannot be religious, such as the fact that many Buddhists are secular.

So what is our basis for morality then, if not god? Again, even those the term "atheist" isn't meant to say anything about one's morals any more than "non-stamp collector," you should look up secular humanism sometime. That is what I consider my basis. So long as you are raised to be moral and to exercise your built in ability to sympathize, as millions of atheists are, your god is not necessary any more than the billions of other proposed gods. After all, I think people came to the conclusion that it wasn't good to kill, rape, and steal from each other before the 10 commandments. You're silly stereotype had no leg to stand on.

Sun May 23, 10:23:00 AM 2010
Blogger Matthew Blanchette said...

Methinks srizals doth protest too much; he may be intelligent, but he's generalizing the whole of atheism into one amorphous blog for his own usage.

Seriously, would anyone in their right mind contemplate Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins and subsequently lump them in with Stalin and Pol Pot?

Sun May 23, 05:26:00 PM 2010

What can I say Matthew, It’s just a day in the life. Without a good discussion our neurons won’t get enough exercise and would be dwindling, hopefully not in unbelief.

You jump too fast psybermonkey, tell me a paedophile that married his victim upon the approval of the parents and the society and no one, not even his dreaded nemesis at that time mocked him for it. You forgot the most important characteristics of paedophiles; they do not stop at one child and never marry one. A girl in Thailand, a nine year old gave birth to a baby in our own millennium; gay boy will never have such privilege. He is only entitled to Aids if not HIV. Tell me, have nature forgotten the rights of the misfits? Why is there so much diseases threatening the sexual deviated? Natural selection?

Yes, atheists are smartie pants. They wouldn’t dare to declare it to the world that they were doing all the hideous things in the name of atheism. They only say that they were getting rid of the plague that was polluting the society that made them render useless, uncreative and rebelling against them, religion. Tell me what religion had done the same? When did any religion exterminated atheists in a genocidal scale like what atheists did to the religious? In a very inhumane way for any humanistic view. Do you know the background of humanism? I mean where did it come from? I think all of us knew where secular came from and the reason behind it.

Sadist came from the name of a person, Sade. Go check him out. He used sex to defile religion, in the vilest manner he could think of, and he is a respected philosopher. And I don’t think he’s doing it in the name of any religion.

Are you now beginning to see what you guys are actually doing? You don’t like to be mocked at and overgeneralized and yet that is exactly what you are doing here.

Tell me psybermonkey, atheists seem to be championing the abortion cause. Any religious man and woman would say that it is bad, if not based on medical and crime’s perspective. What say you?

Humans are equipped with good and bad judgements. Religion perfected them.

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