Monday, May 24, 2010

The Killer Question

Blogger psybermonkey said...

As I expected, you dodged my question. Out of the many theists I have asked, only one has ever had the courage to honestly give me an answer, so I kindly ask you to do the same. Otherwise I won't reply to anything you just said. Again, the question is this:

If your foundation for ethics is constructed based on what god says...would pedophilia, rape, and anything else be OK if god came before you and said that they were? If he makes the rules as to what is moral and what isn't, why wouldn't you uphold and practice them under his command?

Sun May 23, 08:02:00 PM 2010

I would call him a liar since it is unfitting for God to came down here and reveal Himself in order for His mere creation to believe in Him. It would be completely pathetic. Just like Dawkin had to argue with me, an average Joe and Dawkin is just a mere man, get my point? Is this a true question or a trick question? I’ll never know, since I cannot see what’s in your heart, only predict based on your writing, so I would take it for granted that it is a genuine question from you. There are things that in this life that are so powerful that we would melt upon seeing and having a contact with them. What more is God? He is the most powerful above all, incomparable with all that exist here in the universe. We can only see Him when we have undergone the second transformation of our existence here, just like before when we born. We were nothing then in this world, then we have become something and I don’t think Science would agree that after being something, we would just vanish into thin air, since it would contradict the basic of Science that everyone had learned at some times in their life. Just like a dead body and a life one. What is the difference? Can you tell? One heart has stop beating while the other keeps on beating. They look the same physically, but they are not. What made the heart beats a rhythm in the first place? Can I have a secular humanistic view on it right from its believer?

First of all you are asking the wrong question. If God kept on popping here and there and pleading helplessly to every man that didn’t believe in Him, what kind of God is that? It is unfitting for Him to do that. Instead, He sent messengers and prophets to all mankind. You have mistaken me as those who have taken the physical created being as god. God is unseen, just like your emotion; it lies deep beneath your heart and mind. When you manifest them physically, only then they are seen and understood by others.

God doesn’t need us. It is the other way around. What’s your explanation of the hollowness in us that we kept on trying to fill with theories and ideas in order to make sense of our existence? God has shown us a way to live accordingly. But this is of course unacceptable for those who have defied the nature of themselves.

You have confused the descriptions of god in the bible with the descriptions of God in the Koran. They are completely different. Unless you can point to a sin or immorality as to you were asked by God to be done by man in His service, I have to say your question is the most absurd question I’ve ever encountered and therefore the most precious trophies of them all. Thank you for asking me the question. Now, where’s the answer to my questions? Or are you trying to do what you have accused me of earlier?

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