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Barbarians and Their Barbaric Ways.

Thu Jun 03, 03:40:00 AM 2010
Blogger Ritchie Annand said...

Good grief, Srizals, you're defending that barbaric practice?

"Only thieves would be concerned", really? One would think with the list of movies you purport to like, you would know that 'the only people who need fear extreme punishments are criminals' is one of the hallmarks of slipping into a totalitarian regime.

An alternative? How about... just about anything else? Jail time may not be ideal, but 'sorry mate, er, here's your hands back'. How about Scandinavian-style restitution, for those who are able?

"Surely his victims had lost more than a hand." It makes no distinction other than extenuating circumstances for the poor. Is a bicycle worth a hand? A car? No.

Current examples are enough to answer your futile attempt to misquote the verses Annand.

You will need to do more than wave your hand to demonstrate that I am misquoting, Srizals.

5:80 looks to me, for example, as though Muslims who dare make friends with a non-Muslim are doomed by an angry Allah to hell.

Am I wrong about this? Do Muslims only consider this in historical and not present context?

But to lessen your fear, these verses are only a threat to those who harbour ill intentions towards the Muslims.

No, they're not. Never mind the harm done to interfaith relations by divinely-ordered xenophobia, you share a country with other faiths, yet seem compelled to "do something about it". What is your litmus test for "ill intentions"? How large a line do you yourself draw between killing and depicting the Prophet (to tie back in to the whole point of the original post)?

Are the FPI, MMI and HTI going to gain ground? What will be their treatment of other faiths? Will it be religiously motivated? How about Aceh's implementation of Shari'a, which was purportedly going to be an 'adjunct' to civil law, but we hear tales told of passing stoning laws, antithetical to almost every modern interpretation of human rights?

Now I'm wondering why do some people think that atheists are so smart. They can't even grasp what they are reading. Hmm..

I see. So your strategy is to be unclear, act smart and claim victory in advance? I'm sure it makes you feel better, but from the outside, it looks like you have stopped engaging in objective consideration and set your mind in stone.

That's not a virtue.

Also, you've flipped my first and last name - I'm Scottish, not Indian :) Terimah kasih.

Fri Jun 04, 10:24:00 PM 2010
Blogger Ritchie Annand said...

What do you think of Queen Rania, by the way?

Fri Jun 04, 11:32:00 PM 2010

The current situation I’m referring is about the armed and hostile treatment of the mighty nuclear powered Israelis towards Muslims. Which I will quote briefly,

“Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the autopsies for the Turkish ministry of justice”.

They were peace activists attacked in a very intimidating manner in the blackness of the night, on international water with no lethal arms to do any harm. You just don’t simply machine gunned people that attack you with small pocket knives or sticks and you were the ones that startled them in the blindness of the night in the first place.

I am making friends with you, and so? You see, that is why I’m here. To stop the prejudice and the hatred among us. Through dialogue and conversation. But when it comes down to ignoring the brutalities and oppressions faced by Muslims and Christians in the occupied lands of Palestine, it would be better of course, for Muslims to reflect this historical events that have been stated in the Koran, like in 5:80:

On those who disbelieve from among the children of Isrā’īl , a curse was pronounced by Dawūd and ‘Īsā, Son of Maryam. All this because they disobeyed and used to cross the limits

They did not forbid each other from any evil they committed. Evil indeed is what they have been doing.

The current state of Israel has disobeyed and cross the limits of many international laws and humanity values. The only reason that it is so cocky is that the West, if not majority of them, supported them fully for guilt and of course the hidden agenda to destabilize Muslim worlds.

Dier Yassin, Sabra and Shatilla, recent Gaza attacks had shown to us how the IDF had crossed the limits. They compared the fire crackers hole in the ground and houses with craters of the size of a football field as a comparison of the deadly threat they were having from Hamas. The Palestinians had shown their kind and honest gestures of peace by returning to Gaza and the West Bank, to initiate the peace process, which many Muslims had anticipated it as just a trick to hold them down in the largest confinements in the world today. They are merely sitting ducks. And the true nature of the peace loving Israelis is revealing itself day by day. Egypt and Turkey still have contact with them, trying to assure them that Muslims aren’t looking for their destructions, with the Israelis successfully proved that Egypt and Turkey were wrong in trusting them to the rest of the Muslim nations.

You call the law of cutting of hand of a thief and stoning as a barbaric law. What about what the West were and are doing now to unwanted result of their limitless freedom in sexual adventures? Millions of babies aborted and countless more afflicted with sexual transmitted diseases. Is that not barbaric?

What about the victims of the theft? What made them deserved the barbaric act of their tormentors, the thieves? The loss of the loved ones, who were hurt, killed, slashed, beaten to death and rape accompanying the act of stealing?

Even to this extent, the thief is spared with tight regulations in facing his justice. There are considerations to be taken into account. The amount and the value of the stolen product. The reason of the theft, was it because of hunger and depravation of the basic needs of the living and social justice.

For an adulterer to be stoned to death, he or she must have taste sex through marriage before engaging in illegal sex. But having not enough of this privilege which was bound by holy matrimony and follow with it, responsibility. But still, to impose such law, required a thorough scrutiny. Four pious men known for their piousness must be the witnesses of such indecent act that they are required to witness the insertion of the man into the woman, both willingly. They would not be pious in the first place, if they were like peeping Toms if you know what I mean. For having this almost impossible rule that governing the law, it shown to us, the nature of this law. And foremost, the conditions needed to implement such laws are almost in a euphoria kind of state, where no poverty and difficulties to marry exist in the perfect Muslim community where the reasons and causes that would motivate such crime are almost non-existence. What more in a poverty ridden and dysphoria state of war torn countries. It is impossible to seek justice in an anarchy surrounding.

The numbers of those who had lost their hands and lives in the so-called barbaric laws are not even comparable with the numbers that had lost their lives and limbs in Western abortion laws, current illegal wars, previous sanction on Iraq and the West bloody history. The inquisitions, Protestant vs. Catholic wars and colonialism.

Antithetical is a funny thing. To some, abortion is unethical, to some it matters not. Human right is also a funny thing. It seems to be reserved to some and not applicable to many. You seem to be more concerned on how Muslims treat criminals that would have caused a more heinous crime to happen. What about the West’s treatment to the non criminal entities, the babies resulted in free sex activities and the civilians that died in West initiated wars?

My country didn’t implement the stoning and the cutting of the hands of thieves based on the reasons I’ve explicitly mentioned above. No Muslim nations accused us as being un-Islamic. Should you?

Queen Rania is a wonderful Muslimah and a fine example for them. If only she would cover her beauty more and not exposed it to undeserving men. She’s not perfect, just like me and you. But her goodness and efforts much outweighed her weaknesses. Incomparable to me and you. Why? Where are you getting at Annand?

Ill intentions in regarding supporting the killing and oppressions of Muslims, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine. Direct involvement would be considered as a hostile move. Just kill the killers please. Leave the civilians alone. Wouldn’t you be curious that Germany is not that willingly to obey and simply follow others to the meat grinder?
As for Front Pembela Islam, Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia and so on, it is crucially depends on how the West is conducting itself in the so-call human rights and justice that they are claiming as championing. The double standard treatment and conduct is heavily misleading. As for the selective blindness of some of the Westerners nowadays. When the reason to hate is gone, so would they.
Now, my turn.

1. What is your solution to the abortion issues in the West?
2. What is your solution to the sexual problems in the West?
3. What is your opinion on Dier Yassin?
4. What is the reason that made most Muslims resent the West nowadays? Envy?
5. Do you think that Israel is a totalitarian regime? If not, why?
6. What is your opinion in targeting civilians in wars and sanctions? Are they barbaric or not?

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