Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paedophillia's Characteristics

Thank you for demonstrating how lawfully we treated our Christian minority in the lands of the Malay. Lina Joy didn’t pursue her case to the Syaria Court and finish her story. Well, she should have. It is so evil of us to obstruct her from her chosen faith by her mere Mykad.

My dear Christian friends,
You have only demonstrated your judgement to us all. Double standard, as always. As Alice had pointed out in her posting, your 9 year old is twitching to have sex, outside of marriage. An innocent little girl would not. A doctor in the USA also had acknowledged he had experienced in aborting pregnancy as young as to 9 to 10 years old. A little girl should not be able to enjoy sex and conceived. You haven’t debunked my point as far as I remember.

The characteristics of a paedophilia are not mentioned and compared with Muhammad s.a.w. Why? Find me a research without this element of comparison if you can. If your sound judgement is lacking of this, then what judgement is that? A judgement of the ignorant?

Please address my point of arguments and debunk them one by one so that there would be no doubt that Islam is evil.

1. Secrecy.
A Paedophile as demonstrated in history and our present of time, did not announced his paedocracy to the entire world. He only showed where he dumped the corpses. Most, acted holy and never actually face or brought to justice since it was so deep in secret. Only time will tell. The scary part is what if paedophilic priests were a norm in the Catholic Church since ages? For no man and woman can deny his or her natural desire. Only the unnatural can (by channelling it sinfully, of course).

2. Victims.
Paedophiles’ victims had never been recorded as to be only one. Please find me a paedophile that stopped at only a victim, on purpose. Please find me a victim that were treated with great honour and didn’t snap out for her or his horrific experiences.

3. Redundancy and commonness.
If you can prove that paedophilia is a norm in Islam and not in Christian dominated West, you would have debunked me completely. As for child marriages, it is not even a norm in most Muslim nations, since the time had change. Girls are no longer to marry at an early age, since they have to complete their studies and pursue a career in a demanding materialistic modernity.

4. Holy Matrimony.
You have simply ignored this very important distinction. Since sex outside marriage is not an absurdity in your so-called civilised perfect democracy where fragile and unborn babies are not a cherished living soul, how could you justify yourself against Islam? One Paedophile’s characteristic seems to show a trait of consistency. They did not marry their victims. As for the King of England, your assumption that her wife was a virgin is not beyond reasonable doubt, unless we have an autopsy of historical evidences. Anyway, it is not even a rebuttal of my point of the so-called barbaric ‘child marriages’. I doubted that Christians had over passed their medieval ways. Current evidence showed this glaringly. Maybe they are getting only worse. But don’t worry, they are not driven or controlled by their faith.

5. Non-practising Christians.

A considerable number of you are no longer practising your holy books. A quite number are non-practising Christians, since the OT and NT are not practised in your laws and ways of life. Some, maybe. Since neither the laws of your holy scriptures are implemented and dominated your society. That is why I guess, Muslims have to go certain procedures when they want to convert. They must go through counselling processes in order they know what exactly they are diving into. They must be exposed to the gospel of Barnabas first before deciding and pointing to which bible is their chosen holy book. Lina Joy seemed to be afraid of going through this process. Maybe she thought it was like a process in the inquisition I guess.

Rebuke me or ignore me. It doesn’t make any difference to me. We all have a choice laid in front of us, free to be chosen, but not without consequences, I’m afraid.

I’m going to be busy in a couple of days, do come at me with all your might and unity. Don’t worry. I’m all alone. I’ll read up afterwards. As always..

Sweet dreams..

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