Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Half of the Koran

Srinivasan claimed "More than half of the Qur'an is filled with hatred and anger"

Prove it first Srinivasan, only then your question has some credibility to be entertained by me. Neither of you even dared to answer mine, but gave excuses of this and that, like a teenager trying to escape from their misadventure.

As for those who do good deeds but neglect their Creator, knowingly, they have lost their afterlife. However, all the goodness in this life would be theirs.

As for those who do good deeds but do not know about Islam. Allah will judge them accordingly. Allah is just. Those who denied Him, knowingly, would have to bear the consequences of course.

Christianity may be a problem to you, Taocat, but for me, it is just a phase like all the phases of life that a person must go through. Some may get through it, and proceed, while most, would not. It depends on their perception and ken, I guess. But don't give up. Do good, avoid evil, don’t stop evaluating, eventually you'll open your eyes and wake up from your dream world.

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