Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Dead End

Srinivasan said...

Wow! A Mohammedan asking for proof! Yet you believe the Qur'an and your prophet wholesale without asking for proof. My proof is right there between the covers, if only you'll open your mind and read it. There's so much in there buddy. I can't possibly cut-and-paste everything like you are fond of doing.
Wed Jun 09, 07:03:00 PM 2010

TaoCat said...

Does it hurt much, srizals? It's amazing that you are so wilfully stupid as to decide what my political leanings are based on my lack of belief in a god. You drop a bunch of red herring arguments (what the hell does USA's Middle_east policy have to do with atheism?) and then cut-and-paste a bunch of drivel from that insane delusion you call religion.

As to science, get real. Science brings both good and bad, it's how you use it that counts. Your idea of an argument is laughable. But like most religious delusionists you simply keep on posting nonsense, then try to declare victory when people grow bored with your antics and stop posting.

Don't get your burka in a knot but your religion is a joke, you just haven't understood the punchline yet.
Wed Jun 09, 08:00:00 PM 2010

Srizals said...

As expected, a cowardly response of a coward that hides behind a name and talk proudly without any substance in the internet. I leave it as it is for the whole wide world to see. Thank you Steve for being a good moderator. Catch you later Taocat and Srinivasan, whatever you are. It had been fun. Do whatever that suits you. You don't want to be late. Since being nothing is what you dream of. You have only demonstrated what you have accused of the Muslims. Congratulations.

Disclaimer: My discussions with these two unique creatures do not mean that these two represent their entity. These two are driven by blind hatred and completely oblivious of the world and the laws of cause and effect. Cheerio.
Thu Jun 10, 12:22:00 AM 2010

Srinivasan said...

Was that the punchline?
Thu Jun 10, 07:04:00 PM 2010

Life is a game. For some. For others, especially the unfortunate few, it’s a struggle. A jihad. A never-ending and relentless efforts, thinking and coming up with actions, not just mere words in the betterment of the self and the surrounding that exist with the individual. For those who see this life as a game, winning would be the ultimate end, the victory in ensuring the other side, the other player, lost and defeated completely. Out of hope. Losing everything that he had and becoming a major clown without any worth whatsoever. A game must be like that. Cruel and decisive. There must be no less and no more. It is either vanquished or be vanquished.

I never did claim that this is a game for me and I’m here seeking fun of annoying and confusing people with reckless and pointless discussions. The readers, with different mind sets, intellects and experiences, would judge for themselves, all the things mentioned as a guide, and hopefully would be a trigger in coming up with their own piece of writing in their respective fields or better, in making decisions that would have good results, to him and his surroundings. Nobody could find the truth without guidance. And guidance does not come to the proud. We could only see what we wish to see.

The discussions were on Dwindling In Unbelief: "It's Draw Muhammad Day!"

As always, even the event itself was based on a lie.

A statement by Molly Norris on her webpage:

I did not 'declare' an "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day."
I made a cartoon of a satirical poster with a fake group behind it (Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor). It was solely a concept about Comedy Central's over reaction to a threat from, and their consequent decision to censor the television show South Park.
My cartoon was taken seriously & hijacked by people who used it to make facebook pages.
I never started a facebook page. I never set up any place for people to send drawings to and I never received any drawings.
I apologize to people of Muslim faith, and I thank all of the Muslims who have sent me such kind email messages -- they mean the world to me!
I pray we can all turn this into an opportunity for better understanding.

(I regret going on the Dave Ross radio show on April 25th, before my cartoon went viral; my ego took me there. It was a mistake to to that when I wasn't clear about things. I let myself get side-swiped.)

Maybe some of you question my motive of not deleting or editing all the vile things some haters and liars dared to say about what we revered as sacred, holy and cherished in our hearts and minds. Know this, they are only hurting themselves. Have patience. Those who endured the most, will gain everything. Please do not use it as a reason of condoning any violent acts, especially extremism that would lead to terrorism. Be like them and you are one of them. May Allah guide us all and shower us with patience and endurance. Things are always easier said than done. Only the true-hearts have such privileges. Have faith my friends. It is what that separate us from the haters and liars.

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