Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Scientific Reasoning

Blogger TaoCat said...

"Do good, avoid evil, don’t stop evaluating, eventually you'll open your eyes and wake up from your dream world."

Hmmm. I believe in science and rational thought. You believe in a vengeful, gibbering god that has all the morality of a syphilitic rat. And you think I'm in the dream world.

They've found areas in the brain corresponding to religious "faith." I have hope that one bright day, we will have a cure.

Wed Jun 09, 09:21:00 AM 2010

Science? Isn't it through science and reason, man had poisoned, polluted, killed in mass all that had lived in a very gruesome way? Science and reasons without guidance of faith, that instil with it, mercy and fear of divine retribution, would be very destructive, as it has demonstrated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The Togo Unit or Unit 731. The Great Purge or Stalin's reason that if one can't prove his worthiness, what's the reason to keep him or her alive, were entirely 'rational'. Mao’s campaign to suppress counterrevolutionaries and Pol Pot’s S 21, and current Myanmar. Most of the gruesome atrocities were based on Science and the thinking of the likes of you, I'm afraid.

You have purposely ignored what drove a handful of Muslims mad and chosen a bloody retaliation against a bloody oppression for almost 70 years! You are afraid to comment on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine as if they are inconvenient truth to you. Lies seem to be dominating your conduct and history. No wonder you are oblivious why the so-called terrorists are so damn mad at you. You’re killing their babies and families, destroying and plundering their lands, knowingly and supporting their killers and heartless oppressors! Ten of thousands of fancy GIs, fat military contractors are now plundering Afghanistan against a mere 100 Al Qaeda operatives and less than 20 k Taliban fighters. Trust me; they are not avenging 9/11/2001. They are making profit out of it, on the expenses of the deluded bunch like you. The Taliban did offer the USA that the so-called Terror planner to be judge in a neutral country for a fair trial, but the proud US simply answered with Tomahawks. On August 20, 1998, the US tried to kill Osama in Khost and bombed Khartoum, also with Tomahawks; they were all based on inconclusive theory of the attack on US embassies on August 7, 1998 in Kenya and Tanzania. The death tolls and destructions that follow suit the Egyptian terrorist attacks on the embassies, far out-weighted any just ‘reason’ for justice since none of the responsible attackers were the countries being invaded and destroyed. The attackers were individuals, not countries. Where’s the reason in that? But a country and a powerful military alliance did attack the Muslim nations I’ve mentioned. And before you said they had it coming, know this, the USA meddling in killing and capturing the terrorist members to Egypt and US short meddling in Somalia in 1993 -1994, exposed them to the attack in the first place. You have to seek out the first domino in order to understand the domino effect, Taocat. The US can’t seem to work out a diplomatic solution and Interpol to track down just the terrorists. It had to destroy and obliterate to save its pride. The UK just tagged along and brought the terrorists’ menace back to its homeland. They are still confused and blind, most of them anyway. Some are beginning to see and understand.

Tell me Taocat or others; what is your opinion in the invasion of Iraq in fear of Saddam’s possession of WMD, the bombing of a factory in suspicion producing chemical weapons in Khartoum and the story behind the abortion law in the USA? What about the destruction and death of those who never harm the West and approve the terrorists’ ideas? Would you like to share your scientific reasoning with us?

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