Saturday, June 26, 2010

Profiting Evil

At last everyone seems to agree that there is good after all in evil. Certain quarters in a secret unknown place in ‘a far, far away land’ or the ‘Negeri Antah Berantah’ in Malay, there’s a lukewarm dispute going on in determining how to regulate evil by profiting by them or not, to do some good of course.

The dark nature of man is simply what it stands for. It is a dark nature of man. Nothing less, hopefully nothing more we can get out of it. But it seems the attraction of evil, as always is more alluring than doing things in a good decent way.

When someone tries to do good or be good, profits got in the way. Doing things nicely seems not lucrative enough. It has no ballooning effect and no one is in the right mind of spending his hard earn money to invest in good things, let say education, since there’s no real hard profit or the fulfilling of lusty needs in it. We are talking real hard cash, hundreds of millions ringgit, which is still not that much compared to the US dollar or EU Euro, but think about how much good we can do by taxing and licensing them hard enough so that it would of course, be a lot easier to regulate and manipulate the evil manipulators. Evil as it is seen as one of the synonym of human nature to many economic experts, must be accepted by the not so smart Goody two-shoes as a viable economic resource. Money matters, period. Talk is cheap.

If this current low-tuned brawl is a signal of how desperate things are in the ‘land that is far, far away’ aka ‘Negeri Antah Berantah’, one has to wonder what’s exactly going on here. Just recently, the most expensive infrastructure in building a civilisation is tagged with the confusing ‘free’ price tag and certain licences were being waived to certain extent, resulting in the birth of the menace of the speed demons aka ‘Mat Rempit’ that also belongs to the same group of ‘Minah Bohsia’ aka extremely cheap hookers and the deadly snatch thief that seems to be profiting from the policy of making things easier and easier for everyone in ‘the land that is far, far away’.

The raids on prostitution rings are becoming the norm nowadays, most are imported, and they are not just China dolls now mind you. Massage parlours that tried to provide heaven for men kept on being busted and resilient at the same time (which made the tune Summer Wine is playing in my head right now) and some young dude is making millions in selling porn clips through cell phone. Are we going to licence them too so that some good will eventually came out of such hideous things? The society will eventually profit from its own illness and the evil ones can be regulated and kept under control, hopefully. Whether or not, the not licensed culprits will eventually commit themselves to rules and regulations (as shown in their mischievous days) so that they would suffer rigid income taxing regime, would still be a big question mark. But as everything else that exists in this world, it is just a plain risk that we have to bravely take.

It is always easy being a non-Muslim entity in a Muslim majority country. They have the right of practising their belief, and to certain extent, even things that are not in their faith and which are also a sin and a menace according to their custom and belief actually. But still, their Muslim counterparts are having a hard time of practising their belief in some, if not in most non-Muslim countries. Their culture is too alien and threatening to the well-established foundation of the countries. They are merely outcast that deserve no more than what is given. They should be grateful and thankful to the host or take a hike.

Everything is open for debate and demand in Negri Antah Berantah nowadays, things have changed. I wonder what would happen in a non-Muslim majority country when the Muslims there demand that the name of God for the host should be standardised according to them. Would somebody even dared to chop the head of a warthog and threw it in holy places to intimidate the majority? While it can’t be denied such example of playing with one’s food is being imitated by some Muslims to show their resentment. Based on bad examples and short-sighted decisions of course.

The regulation of certain unlicensed but highly profit industries still haunts the average members of the society. While some were making money through the bird nest industry, non-halal farming near Muslim communities, licensed or not, the progress of implementing the laws that were supposed to regulate them seem to be in a slow motion movie. Only outmatching the Palestinian’s occupation slightly a decade or two. And now the society should trust in licensing more of the bad and ugly (as the licensed bad ones are not enough) so that they may be put under ‘control’. If they had previously proved themselves in a decisive success of controlling the annoying uncontrollable, things might have been easier and everyone would be easily convinced.

Looking at how some things are being viewed and argued, I can’t stop but wonder if creativity is no longer an important aspect for the survival of the species. We have to look to all the uncontrollable evil elements in our society and make full use of them so that something good can come out of it. Yes, thinking out of the Pandora ’s Box.

Luckily these bizarre things are only happening in ‘Negeri Antah Berantah’ aka a far, far away land, unknown to most that walked on this earth. Especially toddlers and happy little children that are oblivious of their future and had to trust us to make the right decision, now. How I wish Confucius is still alive nowadays and shed some light to all of us, on how things really are for a people that is supposed to have gambling as a culture. Be prepared for a slight surge in pricing of certain controlled goods, since everyone would be needing the extra money to bet their luck or feed their offspring to the eleventh generation with all the things money can’t buy. Forget on taxing the fat rich hard to trace contractors. They had ten supercars to avoid taxation. Tough luck! No one had enough money to be that rich. So things would always be more expensive than before to make ends meet for the rich and famous. Greed knows no boundaries. End of discussions. (Now I’m hearing what Clint Eastwood was saying to his barber friend when the price of his hair cut was being discussed between them in the last movie that he played, Grand Torino).

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