Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Coming

Rejab. According to the Islamic lunar calendar, Rejab indicates the coming of a great month. After living our lives, day in, day out, avoiding and fallen into temptations, savouring successes and enduring failures. Going through events, incidents and also accidents would really tire out our minds and souls. Our eternal enemies are relentless. The never-ending urges accompanied with the evil whisperers that will never give up trying until doomsday. Tempting the good side of us. We do need a break from it all after certain lapse of time. And the break is coming soon. And with it, a second chance to reflect and remedy. With it comes the opportunity of clearing and cleansing all the filth that we have accumulated in our long but short journey of life. Am I contradicting myself?

I have discovered a video on a couple days before, which manifest a very weird interpretation of God by a group of wise men and women.
Their funny albeit crazy ideas seem to be a beautiful intellectual answer to the greatest question of all, the God question. It is always difficult and awkward in discussing the God question to people that are eager to disagree with you, so they come up with a description of God using the personification technique. Giving the attributes of a person to God in order to personify Him to make it easier for us to understand Him. I truly hope that they won't end up describing themselves. But that's acceptable. Using humour to try convincing others (convincing themselves more likely) in showing just how wrong all the men of religion are, in the search and understanding the Creator. The Creator that has created all creations in wisdom and knowledge. In an orderly fashion of a complete set that balanced and worked itself out whenever man-made mischief happens from time to time.

Please note that we are not in the safety of our domain. There are no rules and regulations to help us out. In the cyber world we are on our own. But that is just how things are. The evil ones would not give up and let us be. If they are not willing to give up, why should we? The ones that have been reminded not to by God Himself. No, I’m not worried about most of the sites anymore. But I hope more Muslims of various backgrounds and intellect will be coming out in facing them. A fire maybe small at the beginning and post no threat whatsoever. But when it gained enough burning materials, all hell breaks loose. And it is not wise to let it burn out of control in the first place. We must do what we can in keeping it confined and disrupting its egoistic burn from time to time. If we don't, it is like agreeing to the act of rebelling against God and letting the not so independent to be misled and that is a sin that we can’t forgive ourselves for letting it to happen when we have the opportunity to stop it or at least try to in the first place. We have certain extent of knowledge, wealth, influence, power and all that is needed to defend ourselves against their attack. We can always refer to the ulama or the knowledgeable in religion if we are not so sure of ourselves in dealing with the lies that they used to attack Islam. If they grew in power and influence, it is just because of our own ignorance and being over-confident that people would see through their lies sooner or later. If we study history, people tend to believe even lies when there are not enough of those who voiced out and presented their defence. We must be willing to offer alternative views and facts so that people may compare and understand things better. We can never convince anyone. Eventually we have to let go and let God.

It is easy to find fault in other men of faith that try to understand God by using human's attributes or things around them in making sense of the Creator, hence, provide a basis of comparison, so awkwardly designed and executed by some atheists in attacking the concept of God, putting the position and the attributes of God in a human projection. Although it has to be understood according to their creativity and understanding. It is the only way that they can think of. So they gave birth to Mr. Deity. A satirical drama so cynical that one would actually think that they are gods themselves after watching it.

As for, there's a lot of websites that are more fluent and eloquent in dealing with it. Some may see it as a convincing game. The one that managed to convince the most wins. But I assure you. It is more than that. The stake is definitely high. How many people are influenced and react based on that influence would determine the future of us all.

It would greatly demonstrate our intentions to the others, whether we are following a path of destruction or we are following a path of acceptance and co-existence like the complex nature around us. The tigers and the deer. The lions and the hyenas. They don't have to like each other nor respect one another. But they co-exist. Even they do sometimes kill each other over dominance dispute. But they are still here. They didn't go all the way out to eliminate one another. Maybe they understand that if they are pushed to the corner with not many options left, they would only be forced to do the unthinkable by an organism that has been printed in its DNA I guess, the drive and instinct to survive. I would of course hope that we, the human beings can co-exist better than the lions are tolerating the hyenas. We could do much, much better.

All living things are blessed with these resilient characteristics. So it won't be that easy in annihilating or exterminating any living organism. Look at the Aedes mosquitoes. Scientists through science have again and again tried to outsmart them. They forgot how long the mosquitoes have been surviving to this very day. Only the end of days would be the ultimate end of all species. Yes, I do remember the Dodo, the sitting duck kind of a bird. No, it's not because of Muslims that they are driven to extinction. You have to check it out for yourselves.

Now back to the man-creature. Man is unlike any other. He can be deadlier than a tiger and more dangerous than a raging elephant and a lion combined when he is threaten to extinction. As the smartest creature on this planet, trying to eliminate or control them won't be that easy. History has taught us well, even it must be admitted, some historical occasions have been manipulated and some are still trying to rewrite history. We have to believe that the circumstantial evidence would always be there to expose the lies and shamed the unshakable liars.

When most are losing their hopes and will, Muslims are going to be visited by a blessing of a thousand months as a restorative course, a reminder of the worthiness of things and events. They are going to be given the second chance to recharge and remedy all the wounds, scars and badly injured motivation. May Allah have mercy on us all and grant us the chance of meeting this special month that does not exist in any other month. The month of the people of Muhammad s.a.w. The month of salvation. The gift of being reborn again, stronger and wiser than before and a cleaner self with clearer conviction to face new challenges that lie ahead. What a life! Alhamdulillah.

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