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Nuking Muslims



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Sujit Das

"...Once the infidel’s security or economic interests are threatened by Muslim bomb, the whole non-Muslim world must unite hands together and take anticipatory action to defend ourselves. The moment we see a potential nuclear threat, we will strike first to begin a war. Let us fight the ‘poison gas with poison gas’ i.e., Muslim bomb with an infidel bomb. In stead of Pakistani fanatics or Ahmadinejad killing Hindus or Jews and Christians we will sneak into Muslim lands and murder them en masse for no better reason than that they are Muslims. Let us slaughter them without mercy or humanity. Let us spill their blood and shoot them in the forehead and let the Muslim blood run on the streets.

Let us treat the Muslims as rabid dogs or creatures of gutters. Let the Hindus celebrate Holi (a spring festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and others celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other) with Muslim blood. Let us burn their homes with their children inside. Let us dishonor their women. Let us wipe out Islam from the face of the earth by killing a large number of Muslims by nuking Mecca and Medina – the two terrorist cities on the earth.

Nuking Mecca and Medina will mark the beginning of the complete destruction of the entire Islamic world. These two terrorist cities should be nuked in such a way that the entire region remains uninhabitable for the next half a century. We should use a modern 150-kiloton hydrogen fusion device for this very important job. In fact if we nuke the cities during Hajj ceremony, we will be able to kill some two million more Muslims. If necessary we should repeat it again and again if Muslims try to clean up the places. This will bring Allah to his knees. Let this evil bloodsucking god of Islam drink Muslim blood as much it wants.

If the Muslims want to shift their Ka’ba to a secondary location, then that location also needs to be destroyed by strong military action. Islam should be declared a banned religion and anyone found with a Koran should be killed on the spot. All the mosques should be flattened on the ground and pig farm to be raised. All confiscated copies of Koran should be burnt."... - Sujit Das
(The soldier of truth and defender of humanity)


Wow, now I'm scared and for this I'm giving a new label to such an intellectual absurdity type of discourse. All hail to the boy that cried wolf. Syabas! Defender of humanity and the soldier of truth or is it Das Sujit?

Now, some may think that to counter a crazy person you must be crazier than him. This is the logic of a madman that love to atttack with an axe against everyone that he sees as a threat to him, especially crying little ones. I think the term to describe this mental illness is paranoid or the fear of being treated or act upon by others when it is actually the person himself that likes to inflict upon others. This would definitely make Geert Wilders a sissy pussycat to a great wildman and all the Islamophobes would be saying, "Geert who?" when somebody mentioned his geertness after this. Sorry Geert. Someone with an Indian name beat you to it. Das! And you're gone.

Watch the attack of the mad axeman! Oh, by the way, it is proven in a study by NIMH Epidemiological Catchment Area Study, 90 percent of persons suffering from mental illness are not prone to violence. So can we say that only those who thinks they are intellectuals would have the tendency of such unthinkable craziness? Now, that makes me wonder. Hmm. Have to check out if there are any case studies of violent-prone intellectuals that fell in love with themselves.

And I quote, 'Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it'- Andre Gide. Maybe they should really read their own banner once in a while. I don't think that they should act like they have found the truth. They're going to end up doubting themselves afterwards. A ring of stupidity has no end. It keeps going in circle, growing larger and larger each time.

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