Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Nights of Ramadhan

The last 10 nights of Ramadhan are upon us in the lands of the Malay. As alluring and vividly portrayed as the most bountiful moment a Muslim could ever have in his entire life, most would be too tired to strive for it. Only the true hearts have the will to push themselves to the limit in achieving the ultimate reward, a devotion of a thousand months in one elusive night. A very special night only reserved to the ones that are seeking the forgiveness from his Creator with only one thing in his mind, being accepted as a true humble servant of Allah. The love of his Lord.

In a comment I've read at, one of them questioned about the purpose of God testing us, the humans, when Allah is already all knowing and knew everything. What's the point then? What he had failed to realise is, it is actually a test of revealing one's true nature to his own self.

A person can't go on bragging and pretending that he is the best among the best when he has not gone through all the ups and downs in this life. How could he have known himself without going through all the hardships, sufferings and the delights of this life? How could he have known about his thoughts and behaviours in dealing with his sadness, confusion, wrath and desire if he had not experienced them in real time?

How could anyone tell the way he would have behaved in dealing with various situations without actually going through them? How a person behave himself in dealing with all the pain and happiness in this life would revealed his true nature to himself and thus he would not have any excuses when he is shown to his place in the hereafter, after all the chance he had been given. For all the time, wealth and knowledge that he had had, he failed miserably in utilising them in the conquest of the ultimate truth, for being so proud and full of himself.

God do not guide the proud. Only the humble could see beyond the vague cloud of deceit. Guidance comes to those who seek it.

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