Sunday, September 26, 2010

What if all a person can say was just a lie? What if all the promises were only meant to mislead us, pinning us down with hope that would make us question less and accept more, without question, of course. What if it was just an act of buying time? More time to be precise, so that the end game would be farther than we think. Further than what we could have imagined. Caught in the endless and empty rhetoric of the ones that have a tongue of a snake and a heart of a liar.
It is always easy to utter a sentence. It is much, much easier to slur and accuse without proper evidence and the right idea of what's actually going on. The tongue is made without any bones, or 'lidah tidak bertulang' would be a Malay saying, to indicate how easy it is to utter a meaningful sound, so conducive, so attractive to a hopeful ear, or most of the time, desperate ears, both of them of course, since the light at the end of the tunnel is expected to be not as quite near as anyone would have hoped for. The end is quite vague. The behaviours of some parties that are or were involved are not that vogue, but, the same old stories are repeated, as if the players are immune, somewhat immune to the boringness that they have caused and are well-known to be the part of the problem, never the solution of the problem at hand.
But surprisingly, the old trick of pulling a rabbit from the hat from a magician that used magic in the first place to put it there, would always awe the expecting (not so un-expecting audiences). Bear in mind, there is no magic in the Malay vocabulary, the correct reference of meaningful sound of the language would be 'silap mata' or the 'wrongful eyes' that had failed to see correctly and had mistakenly see what is not there or failed to distinguish between what is real and what is not. It was the eyes’ fault all along that made the magic worked. Not the magician. They have no magical powers whatsoever. The magician was only actually a trickster. Nothing more, may be lesser. Much, much lesser than we have anticipated. They, the tricksters, would stop at nothing. It is too profitable to play by the rules, in a humane fashion. It is lying with the enemies that what made us tick, it is where the money came from. And no one, not a single soul that had placed money as their god and the core foundation of judging matters in their lives, could have noticed reason, justifiable and agreeable, as to be more humanistic and closer to the truth. There's no money in the truth, so why bother?
The promise is just like a candy bar, a mouth-watering chocolate to distract the crying child from crying and attracting unwanted attentions from the passersby. It is only a distraction, a misleading option, so that not many would have known the actual answer, the true statement that everyone was looking for. And we think the examinations were over when we left our schools. The examination of life is far more complex and the options to choose from are far more distracting.
Sadly, these liars won’t be bored with their lies in the near future. It has been a bountiful harvest for them out of the misery of so many of us. And so to expect them strangely to stop remorsefully would be very, very childish. They are making a fortune out of our fear and never-ending anguish.

But we have to make the right decision of choosing the right answer for our problem and not simply parroting and accepting the empty rhetoric of well-known double agents. It may not be a concern now, since most of us are also squabbling over the left-over of these fat rich manipulators’ table, but it would be very problematic in the hereafter where we would be cross-examined for all our deeds and the witnesses are not so easily manipulated by us any longer. There our fate would be decided, decisively. For those who do not believe in the hereafter or whatever belief that you have, the stake is higher than you think. The outcome of these ferocious liars would be more anarchy and lesser profit to the honest merchants of actual goods. Anarchy is a fire. We would not want to be caught in the firestorm. At that time, everyone would burn, friends or foe.

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