Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Sinless People

There is a Malay saying that I want to share with you, it's about the nature of the man creature. "Bumi mana yang tak ditimpa hujan" or 'No soil ever escapes the rain'. Bear in mind, no word by word translation is possible all the time, the intended meaning could be lost, due to different backgrounds and perceptions that we have, being the multi-races of the human race.

It describes the very essence of man, imperfection. It is not intended to be an excuse to be in the state of mediocrity, but merely, a reminder of the very nature of man, limited, no matter how far he has reached the sky and no matter how deep he has conquered the blackness of the deep blue sea. He can't be right all the time; he can't possibly have known all the rhythm of life that exist around him, near and afar.

While most of the time he was right, there would be occasion when he could be wrong. That is why he can't stop his own learning process, whether it is a formal one, nor the informal one. One of the informal one that has a major impact in the booming wealth of knowledge nowadays would be the Internet. The access of knowledge, current affairs, in fact almost all affairs are available in the Internet. Some are scandalous, a lot are mere lies, a few provides twisted truth, to be define according to one's own interest, but gladly, the defenders of the truth are also around with us.

The struggles of the truth seekers are bloody and dirty. Some are genuine; most are blinded with hatred and  fear of the unknown. They are willing to only listen to one side of the story. They have forgotten that even a coin has two faces, on both sides, depends on how you look at it. Although sense of humour is essential, some are too stiffed with fear and hate, they can't sense the beauty of the world. They are confined in a small toppled coconut shell of theirs, just like a frog under the coconut shell or "katak bawah tempurung." Completely oblivious of the vast world outside. Ridden with hate and fear, they can't see and define neither their true nemesis nor the reason behind each actions and reactions happening around him. He has blinded himself with lies and hate.

These fear and hate motivated people have built walls around themselves, so massive and tall, even much more higher and impenetrable than the choking apartheid walls that made the Palestinians merely sitting ducks, with their tormentors ever waiting for the right excuse and the carelessness of the people of the world to start a new war (slaughter) on a cornered and trapped people that lack the abilities to defend themselves. But fear not, they are the sinless people; they deserved no court of this world. Nobody is higher than them. The truth is always according to them. The rest of the world is not their equals. Only their blood and life are sacred. With all the things money can buy, who cares?

Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire: Bankers, Zionists and Militants

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