Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Appeal From A Human Me.

Dear brothers and sisters of the same faith or of the different. Please do not use any writings in this blog as a reason to hate and hurt. It is not my intention and please spare me from being part of any malicious or aggression towards any human being, regardless of their ancestry and bloodlines. If any of you think that I'm starting to slip and promote lies n hate, I am only human, do correct me and I'd appreciate advice from the sincere adviser.

All writings by me or by others are posted here as a source of education without any profit purposes. All ideas, lyrics, writings belong to the respected writers unless said otherwise. The availability of the postings in this blog does not mean an endorsement on them by me. They are provided as they are.

Truth can vary accordingly. Which is the truest is the question that we have to decide for ourselves and bear the consequences of our own decision.

I am not a full time writer nor a full time researcher. I am a full time @alias. Sometimes I could be wrong and do check out yourselves if you're in doubt. From both side of the story and if possible, from the third source. Those who stands in the middle. Thank you for being here.

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