Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brotherhood of The Roses


A friend of mine said that Muslims will never ceased being in the pathetic condition they are now in if they won't realized that they are one.

Palestine problem arose when the Muslim brotherhood was broken, both from inside and of course from the outside by the gentlemen of the West that would not dare to face the mighty Ottoman on their own. And Palestine continue to cause resentment of the Muslims  to this very day. True we have OIC but we don't have any  defense pact or similar mechanism that would support each other in terms of weaponry development and research or support against aggression. The tendency to buy high-tech weaponry that has limited and 'controlled' abilities would not help much in advancing the technological knowledge much needed in current time we're living in. Dependency on the enemy or not so loyal allies would be a grave mistake as proven in the Argentina and UK conflict over the Falklands. At the beginning of the war, the Argentine was having the upper hand. Betrayal by its weapon 'provider' made her modern armaments obsolete to the British Navy.

Do we need pogroms of the Muslims and mass annihilation to make the Muslims start thinking for themselves? Why do we tend to build costly beautiful buildings that we can't even hope to defend? I end this post with a quote from a common citizen of the virtual world. And I don't think it will materialized itself soon. The Muslims are too happy with the beauties and luxuries around them, some I hope. Some are using their wealth for a greater good and among them, driving the desire for knowledge and ingenuity. Hopefully they would be persistent and arrogant-proof in their quest of making the world a better place through wisdom and knowledge. We have to start from somewhere rather than just sit and watch the world passes us by. We are one. Our unity will make us whole and invincible. No matter how great and advance the enemies that seek to destroy the submission of man to God from this earth. God is great, but Muslims must follow suit in their quest for greatness. Only then, the oppression and tyranny of the tyrants would end. The ghost that scares us from reaching the height of greatness is deep inside our little proud self. When we can deal with it, Insya Allah, we can deal with anything.

The Comment is about a loon that wants to be a hero in The Incredibles. Watch it and watch the hair and forehead if you don't believe me. Are they the common traits of villains?

By Mr. E.Man

"Anonymous said...Ummm ..

So a politician, inspired by Mein Camp, who sees a worldwide conspiracy by a religious group. Who is concerned about democracy because it is based on 'consensus. One who wants to ban the Koran and public speaking in anything other than Dutch; to ethnically cleanse Dutch society and Europe of the religious minority threatening the fabric of civilisation. I could go on! He calls the headscarf a "rag"; Mohammed a "retard" a paedopile" and the "devil"; the Koran "Evil". Talk about stirring up hatred and paranoia!

Actually it has a familiar ring to it - doesn't it? Is he the agnostic saviour of the West? Sieg Heil Mein Furher!

Whilst I accept fundamentalist Islamist ideas are viloent and that Muhammed had a perverse (and maybe diabolic) comprehension of Judaism and Chritinity, the way ahead isn't the one proposed by Furher Wilder!

Pope John Paul 11 and Benedict XXVI have a more appropriate approach AT THIS TIME - engage men of goodwill and open a theological and rational discussion. There may come a time when more robust action is demanded. Not now. The Muslim world is divided - Arab, African, Persian, Asian and East European. Do we really want to unite them?

Anyway, enough of my rant against this extremist."

Mr E.Man

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