Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paedophillia: From whose perspective?


I remember a commotion about a picture of an album of a famous rock group from Germany not that long ago. It was a picture of a nude girl taken by her own father if I recalled correctly. It seems nowadays the picture of the album is considered as hideous and revolting that even the Great Britain won't allow it ashore. Back then when paedophillia was not considered as something awkward, perhaps before the scandals that rocked the Catholic Church with ripples reaching almost accross the globe and of course, the sudden influx of some Western tourists on the hunt for cheap and young hookers across Asia. Lands known for their beautiful wats and spanish heritage provide more than they could have hoped for.

Gladly, everyone seems to agree that sex with minors for money is a sin, thus the hunt for the paedophillic tourists are on the go without any emphasis of their religion and race. Awkward? No, not really. Why? Because there's no money in it. Islam bashing would offer unlimitless praises and attentions  from the self-spooking crowds which resemble closely to the herd mentality, but it's ok. Money talks and sh... walks. Some say that the West view things in a different perspective than the East. Some say that their upbringing and culture would greatly influence on how they judge things. Let's hope some good things and wrong doings still have their universal values. If they had lost their universal values as justice had, I'm afraid there's not much that we could have hoped  for the future.

The Bad and the Good can't co-exist. People are starting to choose which side they would be standing on and eventually be dying for. Which side are you now on?





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