Sunday, December 12, 2010

Using the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is unquestionable noble. I’m not interested of describing about the well-known award and the prestige it offers. Instead I’m quite surprised that it is used to justify the cruelness and atrocities inflicted by the ‘higher beings’ onto the ‘lesser beings’. These ‘higher beings’ being the majority of its recipients since 1901, somehow legitimises their destructive behaviours and anarchy resulted from them. The ‘lesser beings’ being not listed or minority in the prestige list would therefore deserved any horrible deeds inflicted upon them, by of course the ‘higher beings’. I knew what goyim stands for and what they are supposed to do but meeting one or two myself in the matrix never fails to amaze me on how true their nature are and being so proud of it too.

I thought that’s how the Nazi, Ops, behold the invoking of the Godwin’s Law. Thou shall not call anyone nor implies Nazism to the fellow White Caucasian Christian. ‘We not like ok’. It’s just a bad coincidence of us resembling the thinking of the murderous and proud master race. Kill those who don’t agree with you. Destroy those who displease you. Nuke them. Destroy their holy places. Kill every one of them, especially their mothers! Why? Because we don’t like them, as simple as that. Besides, the terrorists, criminals, manipulators, killers and rapists came from them. Ours came from somewhere else.

What else have I encountered? Tu Quo Que, So do you! Rather childish and confusing. You can’t get through these thick reasoning. Oh, there’s more in the infamous site of the religion of peace! As for answeringislam or or any fancy loons with self-claimed intellectual know-how, foolster41, browse or any links that I have. It’s done. I’m here for the mopping job of what is still left. I hope you can find one reliable writer as John Loftus at debunkingchristianity.

May Allah shower me with patience and endurance in dealing with them, and foremost with my evil-prone and proud self that couldn’t even lift a finger during a fever and stand the chill of the deep dark night without a thin soft cotton cloth to keep me warm. I am only human.



(The human me, direct descendent of the first man and woman, the bornless ones, the first dwellers of Heaven. Direct lineage of a great beloved first prophet of God, the father of mankind, the start of Prophethood. The only true student of God. What more can I ask for?)

P.S. – Only the recipients of the Nobel Prizes are intellects of the humankind. Those who have never been acknowledged by the Nobel Committee Members starting 1901 till now or those who failed to make an appearance are not the intellectuals of mankind no matter what you have contributed to your own country, society and family. So say the Goy, the servant of the people not so-loveable by God. Keeper of lies n hate. So could you please appreciate the person that can’t even survive themselves without licking the hands of mere man! How poor can a man be? Needing the endorsement and praises of mere human to be accepted as ‘someone’. Does it really count when ones lie on the death bed?

Do remember me when that time comes. For I surely will remember you. Always.

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