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The Writers of The Four Gospels

Srizals Said

Part 1 a)
Let me respond to your questions
but I will ask you this question first.

If each prophet who dies is succeeded by another prophet, how is Mohammed a prophet. Your Qu'ran states Jesus as a geat prophet but he is not dead! as your qu'ran even states he was taken to Heaven and did not die on the cross, it is a christian lie (I OBVIOUSLY do not believe this but quote your own Book to you)!

Mohammed cannot be a prophet as Jesus did not die..agreed? Jesus's body cannot be found as he LIVES but Mohammed Died and was buried, so he cannot have succeeded Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS NOT A PROPHET THEREFORE!

Again You state 'If not for the council of Nicaea and the fact there are so many writers of the bible, and I don't recall any of them as the companions of Jesus',

a) Nicea was not to write down the books of the Old Or New Testaments but to determine what all the Churches throughout Christianity accepted as GENUINELY INSPIRED LETTERS THAT THEY ALREADY HAD IN THEIR POSSESION and not false letters being foisted on Churches to cause confusion and bring heresy into the Church. Do you now understand?.

I cannot believe I am having to explain this simple fact!!!


9 December 2010 14:06
Blogger KINGOFHIGHCS said...

Dear Srizals
Part 1 B

c) 'and I don't recall any of them as the companions of Jesus',
WHAT ABOUT MATTHEW, MARK, JOHN, PETER, (JUDE AND JAMES WERE HIS HALF BROTHERS BY MARY AND JOSEPH, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, do you honestly know anything about the people you are talking about)!!!!!!

I was going to answer other things that you wrote but I am not going to even waste my time because if you are that unknowledgable about the very basics, what is the point in having a discussion with you?.

You seem to have no clue (real research) what you are talking about, do you? Just the ramblings of words strung together from opinions of other people, not based on an interpretation of the original words written down.

Please brush up on the things you want to write statements about!


9 December 2010 14:12
Anonymous srizals said...

2nd response,

As for the porn or sex things on my blog, about the people involved were written by the respective writers, not me.You can research about them yourself to prove them wrong.

And I quote from his grace,

"Even Disney characters have conformed to the sexualised zeitgeist: have you compared Little Mermaid’s skimpy clothes and the cleavage of Pocahontas with the modesty of Snow White and Cinderella?"

Who owns Disney?

3rd response,

You said the gospels were written by Jesus' disciples.

You were wrong!

Only The Gospel of John was said written by John, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Care to share a link or info of why you said the four gospels were all written by Jesus' companions?

3rd response,

my, you are a fast talker ain't you. Hope I can keep up.

The question you asked about the children of Ishmael and about the legitimacy according to your faith, the land of Palestine. I knew where those questions came from. And it's not originally from you.

So who's the parrot now?

I'll answer it in due time. Some are already in the verses of the Koran if you'd care to look. Have patience. Correct your mistake first.I'm parroting it below in case you've lost track of our plain discourse.

Me: The 4 gospels, who wrote them? The disciples of Paul or the disciples of Jesus?

You Answer: "Sorry but this is just 'too stupid' a question to give a full answer to, showing and confirming my other statement, that you 'imagine' but do not read the thing you question to know yourself or you would not write this question..Matthew, Mark, John walked With Jesus Christ as Chosen Disciples of Christ Himself." {Forgetting Luke, my emphasis}

"Mark was not one of the 12 disciples, but he was an eyewitness to many of the events surrounding Jesus’ life and was part of the wider circle of Jesus’ followers."

9 December 2010 16:45
Anonymous srizals said...

Dear Kingofhighcs,

we do not retreat from a discussion by saying our forum members as stupider and we as 'holier than thou'. It's so typical. We discuss and compare facts, seek conclusions, that's the way it should be done.

But it's entirely up to you."You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one."

Was Matthew, Matthew himself or Levi?

"The Gospel according to Matthew is credited to have been written by Matthew the disciple of Jesus. The account of the calling of Matthew stated Jesus saw a man named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom (tax office) and told Matthew to follow Him. The next verse says Jesus sat at meat in the house."

"Mark reports the same instance as Jesus calling Levi, the son of Alphaeus, sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me. And he arose and followed him. Jesus sat at meat in his house. Matthew and James were both the sons of Alphaeus.(Matthew 9: 9-10; Mark 2:14-15)."

Luke was a Greek physician. He did not witness the life of Jesus personally.

One of the problem with Luke,

"Another way in which 'Luke' destroys her historical credibility is her propensity for plagiarism; in no less than three places, 'Luke' directly plagiarizes from a Greek play, written around 406BCE, known as the Bacchae. The famous 'conversion' of Paul is a good example. In ACTS, it is said that Paul hears the voice of Jesus say:

"Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you, this kicking against the goads [pros kentra laktizein]" (ACTS 26:15).

"In the Bacchae, which is approximately five hundred years older than ACTS, the situation is parallel. Dionysis, the persecuted God, says to King Pentheus, his persecutor:

"You disregard my words of warning... and kick against the goads [pros kentra laktizoimi]" (line 794)."

I'm hoping that I can learn Christianity first hand from a Christian. Please give me that chance.

You said god himself revealed himself to Paul, was he Jesus, the son of god, or the father? Why the third person rarely shown himself to man?

Is it the nature of god to sent prophets and messengers to man or he has to come down all the way from up there and meet us, his humble creation down on earth?

What happened at the Council of Nicaea? Answer me this and I'll give my answer to you about the children of Ishmael and Palestine.

9 December 2010 16:49
Anonymous srizals said...

As for the monks that you claimed had told Muhammad s.a.w. about the bible, I hoped they weren't like the monks of Broxley and the wooden Jesus on the famous cross that moved by itself upon prayers, depending on the intention of those who prayed.

Why didn't they claimed prophethood instead? Were they scared of the pagans?

9 December 2010 17:01

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