Sunday, January 23, 2011

Denying History

History is a fact that can't be denied. Even if its ugliness makes us highly uncomfortable. It is done. It's in the past. Nothing we can do now could ever change history. We can only remedy it. Making the present and the future better for ourselves and others, so that what we are doing now, would also go down in history, as it is in the making now. Some of the people that dwell in the lands of the Malay seem to be forgetting that their history was not the fault of the Malay. We do not apply their belief system and so, we do not find the grading of members of the society to certain grade, as something to be replicated and practised in our own culture. It's not our heritage, why should we? But can we go on living our lives without even mentioning history? Especially when  we are somehow attached to it, also by history?

By remembering history, one would be thankful for what he has been granted with in the present. The past has passed. The present is here and now. Should we destroy the peaceful present because of the past? What more if the past is the fault of our own people, culture and religion? Who should remedy such fault if not the very people involved? The commotion of the word 'paria' in an art work, which was produced not just recently, without prejudice back then, had become another nauseating issue of over-sensitivity in the lands of the Malay. Once more, the Malay were put on the defensive for things that of not their making. Compensation would be granted more generous than ever to soothe irritated souls. How kind are the Malay to cater to all the needs and weary of all Malaysians. If only some of the Malaysians would show similar sensitivity. What a wonderful world it would be. But the Malays are adults, some of course. We have to behave accordingly when others are being childish. One can't help to be one, being so pampered and all. Let's grow up a little bit. And start working together to deal with a common foe. Stupidity. Maybe then we can focus our strength to deal with another greater foe. Greed.

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