Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Economic Treason

The most important thing that is required prior to cooking is the cooking oil, of course. So simple is this fact, it is known as the cooking oil, most fitting for its name and purpose. But like other commodities that plainly means a source of unlimited wealth upon exploitation, for the benefits of the powerful invisible hands that governed more than the government itself, almost throughout the globe, one shouldn't have wondered ever in the first place, how prone it is to manipulation for sudden burst of profits out of thin air. You hold up the stock, with previous value, and releasing them into the "demanding" market when the offer mysteriously failed to live up to the same non-increasing demand. Was the population increased sharply all of a sudden that production failed to sense the growing market and its need? Was the food industry in Malaysia had developed faster than it could have ever expected?

My simple proposal would be listing this kind of economic manipulation as a capital crime punishable by law. Economic treason could brought down any "popular" and "powerful" governments to their knees. Democracy would be only a fancy decoration to delude the blind that has eyes to see. And what more appropriate for a traitor that seek to destroy and destabilise the entire society and the nation sheltering him so graciously then to give him the civilised punishment of the law in China or in the medieval Japan? Wealth, so easily achieved by manipulation is a temptation no mere man can pass safely. Man is  well-known for his greediness and what he is able to do to fill his never satisfied greed. Only death can cure such a thirst. As with the sudden disappearance of sugar then, that starved the poor black ants, they'll make a comeback as soon as possible, when the price is increased according to them. They need money to buy things you know. They can't buy any in their deep dark grave.

"PUTRAJAYA: The authorities are investigating four cooking oil re­packaging companies to determine if operators have been “manipulating” the supply by shipping the product overseas to benefit from high prices globally."

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