Friday, December 31, 2010

Football Mania

The long harsh drought season in the Malayan football arena seems to have reach its end. Malaysia had won the prestigious Suzuki Cup before the closing of 2010. A victory to be remembered and cherished by all Malaysians throughout 2011. But in the quest of this worldly game, so lucrative in some highly capitalized countries, the misbehaviours of certain parties involved is very well embarrassing. While it is acknowledged that the highly spirited fans can't help themselves in wanting their favourite team to win, it is discomforting to see how far they would and could go. The high-technology laser which has not been so successful used or developed by both armies seemed were widely used in this game to temporarily blinded the goal keepers. Indonesian fans were said to have started it, so the Malaysian fans can't forgo and forgive since vengeance is sweet.

The heart wrenching manoeuvres and dazzling attempt of scoring the goals, the beauty of the game and the spirit of a healthy competition was almost lost in the "feeding frenzy". Malaysian footballers were transported in armed armoured vehicles, while the Indonesian footballers were not put in such an antagonized position when they were in Malaysia. The Indonesians, some are very fanatical when it comes to Malaysia. I wonder why? I hope we haven't taken football as something so divine and the only goals of  our existence  as our escapism from our reality. It would be sad and simply not worth it at all. In reality we haven't won anything, yet. Don't use short-lived fame and happiness as drugs for our inability to cope with current events. Let's move on together as true brothers of the same faith and the same face.

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