Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 2010

I've put my MPV or Multi Purpose Vehicle to the test for a three hour ride. I've got everyone on board, my father and mother, my sister and the whole of my own family. But I'm not entitled to disclose the numbers specifically for certain just reasons, but trust me, I'm not compromising the safety of my family members, what more of my own father and mother. And frankly speaking, I'm very impressed with this MPV's performance. Money well spent, gladly.

Watching my mom and dad, old and weak, with overwhelming love that surrounds them, I, I can't describe it with words, but I hope, I would be able to live it through my old age with my wife as my parents are now. Their memory is not what they were used to be. At times, when I was lost and couldn't find my way in certain big towns, my father would always be a phone call away to my rescue. He could tell where and when should I take the next turn and on which road I would ended up. His photogenic memory is flawless, with slight margin of error due to rapid development we're having in Malaysia at that time. Hope it would continue on, despite of invisible hands trying to pin it down, and even wished for it to end up in ruins. Alhamdulillah, we are still guarded by true Malaysians, patriotic to the bones. Hope they would remain steadfast and fearless in defending the interest and safety of our great nation, which is built on greatness and never on ruins and oppressions on anyone. That is how I understand the Singapore question.  The early leaders had chosen not to taint the formation of Malaysia with blood letting and any form of destruction what more of verbal insult. A sharp contrast to the so-called freedom fighters, advocates of communism and racial supremacy governmental believers.

True, Malaysia is based on the foundation of a race, the Malay. But you won't find any multi-racial country as close to perfect as Malaysia. The opposition leader is free on his wheel-chair to challenge the "autocratic and corrupt" government, Aquino was exiled and killed, Aung San Suu Kyi would be imprisoned time and time again without any legal proceedings, A Malayan prominent political leader is free as a bird to say and do whatever he pleases and have gangs of lawyers to "uphold" the law and order process  in the pursuit of justice. While a political party is ridiculed for not implementing the Hudud, a part of the 100% Sharia, those who claimed to be its hardcore advocates, failed to implement it too, to this very day. A fine example of the crab teacher trying to be a wonderful lobster in teaching its small minded plankton like of existence of children that depend on the crowd for the definition of truth and justice without the burden of thinking for themselves.

No one is perfect. We can only thrive to be one and not making any excuses for failing trying. So get up, clean the dirt off your clothes, mend your wounds and move on with greater determination than ever. May the coming new year help us to be a better person and be a part of the solution, not the problem. Life is short.

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