Monday, January 31, 2011

Lost and Found, (but cannot be returned).

Zahi Hawass had officially written a letter to the kind government of a highly civilised West to return the beautiful Nefertiti to its rightful civilisation and owner, the great nation of the master of the Israelites. The rightful owner of all Israel, its lands, its synagogues, its people, young and old, even those who are actively being enslaved as White Slaves in the 'holy land'. Which is of course very unholy, but holiness is a term as vague as the right to exist for Israel anyway, for some who have eyes but are unable to see, but you'll see my point.

Hopefully the current restlessness would end more quickly and less bloody than Tunisia, but power is intoxicating. The powerful would be ruthless and merciless in trying to cling to it. Many would suffer. But as always, we are the very selective entity would entitled ourselves to pick and choose which is to be declared as Axis of Evil and who was Needa, and which is to be baptised brutally as the Saviour of the beautiful way of the very democratic and civilised, honourable West! Some are thieves and pirates to this very day, and yet we only know about Somali pirates!

May Allah guide them in finding their lost ancient greatness as liberators of the Holy Land and the destroyers of the mighty pagan Mongol marauders, whom the knightly Crusaders themselves were afraid to slaughter. Amin, amin, Ya Rabbal'alamin.

Should we rely on the democratic West to intervene on our behalf? Or do we prefer not too?

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