Friday, March 18, 2011

Expendable Citizens

Citizens are what made up a country or a nation. A nation cannot exist without citizens, it surely cannot exist solely on just a citizen, since a country also needs leaders to be appointed from its citizens, to lead the citizens and to ensure relative peace and prosperity for their fellow citizens, the very people that had appointed the selected groups of citizens to be a different group, a sub group of the citizens, to be the ruling elites, directly or indirectly. The ruling elites owe that much from the other average citizens that had granted them power over them in the first place. They have been granted the power to lead and decide by the very people that they lead. The citizens would follow and obey, whole-heartedly or half-heartedly.

Because the resources  of a country is not that abundant actually or never is enough to feed some of the ruling elites and the rich in certain nations, they must be well managed to show to the citizens  that their wealth is and was  properly managed and distributed equally for the sake of the nation and the citizens themselves. An order of livelihood was thus declared; those who strived would get their fair share of that wealth, since dwindling sources would never be enough to be spend lavishly without measure for everyone on everything. So the rule is the more you give and contribute and sacrifice would mean the more the share of the wealth of the nation would be in your hands. In this way, the citizens would be motivated to improve themselves, competing among themselves in a healthy and positive manner that would in turn build a greater nation, a richer nation  for everyone that live in that particular country.

It sounds too good to be true. The reality is the wealth of the nation is never equally distributed among the citizens. The wealth of the nation, no matter how abundant it is, will always be in the hands of the lucky selected few. It is mostly revolved and recycled itself among its manipulators; the few people that broke the cycle of citizenry to become ruthless and fat controllers of a monopoly system. The others can only watch from the outside. And so all the indicators of wealth and achievement of a country that would cause many mouths to open in amazement and eyes to stare enviously was not actually a blanket blessing to everyone in a wealthy nation. Maybe the twenty percent of the lucky citizens actually are living what the indicators of wealth of a nation shows or even more, but around  sixty percent of the not so lucky, and twenty percent more unfortunate, would never see or live any of those said wealth their beloved country had gained or gain.

Their standard of living and livelihood would be very much the same. They would of course see more and more progress around them, more beautiful buildings with unnecessary fancy decorations to make the rich richer unnecessarily. I still remember a weird looking building that looked like a gate of a great fortress city of the medieval age. It would eat up hundreds of millions of hard earned money more to be completed ‘safely’. Millions more would be lost in repairing fancy road system made by the not so intelligent  and honest that were 'blessed' with friendly contracts to ensure more rich people were created out of the blue, among the ordinary citizens to be shown as proof or indicators that the nation is really actually progressing and getting richer by the minute. We are having 50 more rich people among us, among the 100,000 average Joes that would be lucky enough to witness all their fancy wealth with envious mind.

In a system of capitalism, an absolute profit-oriented system, the benefit of the social interest or the citizens would come last. They are fed with chicken feed to make sure they would not die out or revolt against the ruling elites and the lavish elites of the society. This system is absolutely foreign and unsuited for most country that truly believe their citizens, every one of them, is also a part of an exclusive membership of the 'rich' country that has real wealth and assets unlike printed paper money or mere numbers on the screens of computers.

Please take care of your citizens, the poor, the in-between and the rich. Make sure everyone gets his fair share of the growing cake of economy.  Don't be like Gaddafi, Ben Ali and Mubarak. Especially Gaddafi.  For him, his citizens are expendable. Like most rulers of nations do.

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