Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laughing at Other's Peril


I've never been embarrassed of myself when reading mainstream newspaper before. How unlucky I was. When everyone was anxiously reading about the recent tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan recently, some made the event as a turning point of their career to become an inconsiderate joker without a brain and any sensitivity nerves. I don't know what has been troubling in the back of the minds of these clowns. Could it be that they still can't forgive the Japanese for invading Malaysia, tens of years ago? Is it because of envy since Japanese cars dominated most of the tarmac in Malaysia? It beats me. I can't find any logical explanation instead of potent stupidity of some that tries to show just how smart they can get. I wonder what they would have felt if they knew about some sick humors of the likes of them when tsunami struck Indonesia.

For your information, the Japanese have repeatedly apologised for its war crimes to all and everyone. Some still pending of course, like the perils of the "comfort" women for the Japanese Imperial Armies, but it has been providing funds and help to almost all that had suffered its might, Malaysia not excluded. I don't recall any apology from Britain, Portugal and Holland for their past atrocities and crimes towards any of their victims. That is how honourable the Japanese are. My heart goes with them and all that were involved in such misfortune. My friends are there. Hope they are safe. Always.

A good man would always suffer with the suffering of his fellow humans. A lesser man would rejoice.

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