Friday, April 29, 2011

Taliban: Behind The Masks

All hail to the brave warriors
The defenders
Defending their family, brothers and sisters

Defending their children and wives
Their right and honour
Their only homeland

From monsters ravaging their beloved country
From shameless killers of the weak
From looters and destroyers of nations

True holy warriors of Allah
Will never lose

Death in the cause of Allah or victory

You will never lose
True holy warriors of Allah

Defenders against invasive invaders
Fighters against cruel oppressors

Glory be to you
Shame be to your slayers
Coward slayers of the weak

History will write
History will judge

Justice will be served
Here or in the  Hereafter

Be patient
Be brave

Be steadfast

Be true
Be merciful

Die and live gloriously
Live and die gloriously

Yield not to the enemy
Yield not to the enemy

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