Friday, April 29, 2011

The Taliban of Environment


Throughout the world, wonderful wildlife faces an unstoppable onslaught. The sharks were finned alive, only to be discarded into the sea with blood still gushing to die in agony, their bodies laid to waste for their precious tasteless fins, a major ingredient of the classy Chinese soup, a mark of stature. The brave environmentalists trying to bust the lucrative ring controlled not by the dreaded Muslims, were branded as the Taliban of environment. May be it is because the lucrative trades were monopolised by non-Muslims, so the disgusting label were cooked up and awarded to those valiant  nature warriors who try to stop them. My guess of course. 

But with almost a thousand US dollar for a fin, what man would not be tempted? I'm not sure about its said medicinal properties, or why the eaters are so desperately in need of them to stay healthy and distinctively powerful, but with such magical values, the sharks, the top predators of the oceans are getting scarce. Hopefully, the sharks in the sea around Malaysia still enjoy living their precious life as the top predator, not at the lowest part of the food chain in the most despicable way, killed not for their flesh and meat. Where are anti-Halal food crusaders when you need one?

I have to admit; even I had consumed baby sharks, as far as I can remember, two or four fish in the entire of my 39 years of living on borrowed time. I'm sure my act of predation did not jeopardise the existence of the sharks around Malaysia. I do admit, even I had consumed the eggs of the gentle turtles. Trust me, I do count them. Not more than 50 eggs, again within almost 39 years of eating, legally bought up until now. I stop consuming them on realising the dire condition of a friend of mine. He strangely suffers a number of illnesses. I suspect the over consumption of turtles' eggs might have contributed in his deteriorating condition since he always consumed them on regular basis, in the plenty.

As strange as these exotic delicacies seem to be and the filthy rich people dominating their trade, we still can't get rid of plastics in our lives. As much as these exotic foods seem to be playing a part in determining our stature in prestige and prosperity, melamine milk is still being preferred as the cheapest way to get rich for the players in the milk industry in China, the land of the dragons. A current raid exposed these myriad greedy men, never to be blame for their ethnicity and religion, nor for their beliefs. They are just common criminals. No religion, belief system or ethnicity is attached to them. They are not doing these crimes for the sake of their religion, belief system or ethnicity I guess. Not like the Muslims, of course.

The onslaught on the native animals in the lands of the Malay is still going on. The pangolins are in high demand in the land of the peaceful Buddhists. The price ranges between RM 600.00 to RM 1,000.00 per kilo. Now, what Orang Asli is not tempted to catch one and profit from these gifts of nature themselves? I used to toy with them, pulling their tails from their hideouts in the sand hole by the riverbank. I even tempted to keep one huge pangolin as a pet if it was not for my pregnant wife. How I missed the sight of them. 

As I see it, we need to recruit the Orang Asli or the man of the forest to curb these resilient, unrelenting poachers. We recruited these valiant people of the jungle when we were facing the Communist menace once, why not try the same reliable manpower against the looters of our nature's wealth? These invasive species looting the lands are not only a menace, they are like leeches, sucking the blood of our nation's precious faunas dry while fattening up themselves shamelessly. Unlike leeches that know when and how to stop, these invasive species do not. The gentle and trusting local species would be at their very mercy. How evil can they get? How evil they are indeed.

If only there were no non-Malay/Muslim exotic bushmeat traders in the lands of the Malay. Maybe the delicate balance between man and his native world would remain intact. Should the Malays become non-Islamophobic now?

Who's been eating the sharks, tigers, bears and the rhinoceros in Malaysia and all over the world almost to their extinction? The greedy Muslims? 

"Chinese police have seized more than 26 tonnes of milk powder tainted with melamine from an ice cream maker in a south-western city, state media said, three years after milk tainted with the industrial chemical killed six and made thousands ill."

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